The Most Famous Celebrity Engagement Rings

Saint Valentine himself would hardly have remained indifferent if he had seen all the diversity and splendor of the engagement rings of celebrities. Just as recently proposed marriage proposals Ariana Grande, Maria Sharapova, Gwen Stefani, Elizabeth Taylor, and Jackie Kennedy, owners of the finest jewelry collections of the past. Boast the creations of the best jewelers, as well as the ability to choose ever larger and more spectacular gems.

In honor of this Valentine\’s Day, we decided to tell you about the most famous engagement rings. Now, this is Valentine\’s Day. Customize this type of diamond ring for your wife or girlfriend. 

Engagement rings are of interest not only to fans of jewelry art – as soon as news of the engagement of some celebrity appears. A photo of the jewelry on the left hand instantly flies around Instagram. But articles are also published with reflections on what the future of the couple will be judging by the ring. And glossy magazines compare it with the decorations of other stars.

Diana Spencer\’s 18k Carat Oval Blue Sapphire Diamond Ring

A royal engagement, by definition, cannot go unnoticed, and this is especially true of British monarchs. When Prince Charles proposed to Diana Spencer in February 1981, two very unusual circumstances were associated with the ring.

Firstly, Diana herself chose the ring with an 18-carat oval blue sapphire framed with diamonds. And secondly, it was not custom-made, but a finished product from Garrard.

Meghan Markle\’s Cushion Cut Three Stone Ring

In 2010, this piece reappeared on the front pages when Prince William presented the ring to his mother to his beloved Kate Middleton. If this product ever appears at auction, then, given its history, it can be considered simply invaluable.

Continuing the royal theme, we can say that one of the most talked about rings of the decade was the jewelry of the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle. Her current husband, Prince Harry, proposed to her in May 2018, giving Meghan a 3 Carat Cushion Cut Moissanite Three Stone Engagement Ring.

They say he chose the center diamond himself, while the other two were taken from the personal collection of his late mother. The Sussex couple is distinguished by their waywardness. So it is not surprising that Megan soon remade the ring, replacing the yellow gold shank with a more feminine. Thin shack with diamonds that better matches her style.

Emma Stone\’s Peals Engagement Ring

Unlike monarchs who prefer to stick to tradition, the inhabitants of Hollywood are more likely to take risks and choose unusual engagement rings. Both Ariana Grande and Emma Stone received rings with pearls and diamonds from their chosen ones.

The singer was presented with an asymmetrical ring with a flawless oval diamond set at an angle next to a white pearl. Asymmetry is not the first day in fashion:

In 2018, model Emily Ratajkowski showed a piece with two diamonds – in the \”princess\” and \”pear\” cuts.

Perhaps this is a modern interpretation of the traditional Moi et Toi style or the reincarnation. One of the most famous engagement rings of the last century – the creation of Van Cleef & Arpels for Jackie Kennedy. The ring, which John F. Kennedy gave her in 1953, is set with a 2.84 carat emerald and a 2.88 carat diamond.

Kim Kardashian\’s Engagement Ring

Some engagement rings can be easily recognized by their sheer size. In October 2013, Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian and gave her a ring with a 15-carat D-color cushion diamond from Lorraine Schwartz worth about $ 2 million. And Jay-Z gave Beyoncé an emerald cut solitaire ring on a forked diamond pavé, worth about $ 5 million.

Gwen Stefani\’ Three Stone Engagement Ring

One of the more recent reasons for envy is Gwen Stefani\’s three-stone engagement ring, which was presented to her by singer Blake Shelton: the sparkling \”princess\” in the center is complemented by two trapezoidal diamonds.

Elizabeth Taylor\’s Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Speaking of huge diamonds, it is worth mentioning the 29.40 carats emerald cut diamond that Elizabeth Taylor gave her third (of seven) husband Mike Todd. Elizabeth is said to have referred to this ring as her personal \”roller\”.

Marya Carrie\’s Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

No more successful was the offer that Australian billionaire James Packer made to Marya Carrie. He chose a platinum piece with a 35-carat emerald cut diamond from Wilfredo Rosado, which is worth an estimated $ 10 million. Unfortunately, the engagement was canceled after nine months.

Maria Sharapova\’s Three Stone Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

If you love emerald cut diamonds but find 35 carats on your finger creepy. Check out the stunning ring of tennis star Maria Sharapova from British designer Jessica McCormack. The delicate shackle in yellow gold is set with a center stone weighing between five and seven carats. And is a perfect example of this designer\’s signature deaf-setting technique.

It\’s no surprise that celebrities choose emerald cut diamond engagement rings. This type of treatment highlights all inclusions and defects, so only the most flawless stones (especially large ones) can withstand it.

Scarlett Johansson\’s Brown Diamond Pear Shaped Engagement Ring

Nevertheless, from time to time celebrities spoil us with very unusual engagement rings. When Scarlett Johansson accepted a marriage proposal from Colin Jost in 2019. On her finger was a unique light brown diamond (according to some sources, weighing about 11 carats). A modified pear-shape, which seemed to float above a curved shank of black enamel.

While the minimalist design of the ring is considered by some to be reminiscent of the designs of New York jeweler Taffin. Its origins remain a mystery.

When a new love is born, the stars seal their alliances with diamonds. The size of the stones may indicate the status of their owners, but the real romance usually lies in subtle delicate details.

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