How to Fix Them Some of Common Stove Top Problems

A stovetop is an inherent part of a kitchen, irrespective of the type of food you like to cook. Whether a modular kitchen or a traditional kitchen, you need a stovetop to cook most of your favorite food items. You might get a gas stove (2 burners) or a gas stove with four burners based on your cooking requirements. 

Since stovetops are typically kept in service for long periods, it is natural to experience some issues as your stove gets older. It can get frustrating if your stovetop doesn\’t function properly when cooking. 

However, you don\’t need to panic in situations like these. Identifying the common problems with stovetops can help you fix them within no time. Thus, to help you, we have listed simple tricks to get your stovetop up and running in case of a problem. We will also help you get the best deals on your gas stove prices.

Low Flame on the Burner

A commonly occurring issue with gas stoves is low flame on the burner. This can happen due to blockage in the valves as food debris clogs up the burner openings.

Turn off the gas, disconnect the stovetop, and remove the grates and the burner caps to fix this issue. Immerse them into a sink or bucket full of hot soapy water. Give them a thorough cleaning with a brush or scrubber by scrubbing away the dirt particles blocking the openings. 

You can also use a baking soda and vinegar solution to remove excess food and dirt remnants. Avoid using a toothpick for cleaning as it can break off and further block the openings. If you have a gas stove (2 burners), make sure you clean both the burners.

Difficulty Lighting the Burner Flame

Another problem frequently experienced while working with gas stoves is difficulty lighting the burner flame. First and foremost, check if you can hear a clicking sound in your gas burner. In addition, check for a gas odour from your burner. 

If you hear the clicking but don\’t smell any odour, there could be an issue with the gas flow. If you can smell the gas odour but don\’t hear the clicking sound, the problem is likely with the ignition switch.

Turn off the gas, disconnect the stovetop, and remove the grates and the burner caps to resolve the issue. Clean out any food debris, dirt or grease with a brush and piece of cloth. Now place the parts back together and try to light the burner. If the problem persists, there could be a problem with the gas connection or the igniter. In that case, it is advisable to contact a professional gas stove technician for help.

Burner Flame Making Noises

It is normal to experience some kinds of noises with the burner flame. These include hissing or sputtering sounds when there is too little or too much air supply to the burner. 

In this case, turn off the gas and unplug the stove. Depending on the type of stovetop, you need to either remove the knobs and burner heads or the top cover the stove. Now look for the air shutter slot at the end of the burner tube. You will find a screw attached to it. With the help of a screwdriver, rotate the screw to shrink or enlarge the air shutter slot to decrease or increase the flow of air. Adjust the screws of other burners if you have a gas stove (2 burners) or more.

Gas Odour

It is rare to experience a gas odour emanating from the stove when the flame is not burning. In this case, you must immediately ventilate your house by opening the windows. Open the kitchen door and turn on the exhaust or chimney to expel the gas odour. If you can smell the gas when the pilot flame is lit, one of the burners is not entirely extinguished. Turn off all the burners properly. If the problem persists, contact a gas stove technician for help.

In conclusion, the common problems you can face with stovetops include low flame on the burner and difficulty lighting the flame. When you face any of these issues, you should clean the grates and burner caps thoroughly to remove any food particles and dirt. Additionally, the burner flame might make noises, for which you can adjust the screw on the burner tube. Lastly, if your stove emits a gas odour, ventilate your house and turn off the gas supply.
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