How to Score good marks in Board exams?

Score good marks in Board exams: No one can deny that during this tough COVID time, the students had suffered a lot. Studies are affected and the efforts during online classes were not so effective. Due to this the students feel tense for their upcoming board exams.

Here we have prepared a detailed guide with some expert tips that will help you in scoring a high percentage.

If you will read this entire article thoroughly, we are sure that you will be familiar with an effective way of preparing for Board exams.

Importance of Board exams

Guys, we all know that Board exams give an extensive experience in every student\’s life. During this period, the students get stressed and guidance is required for them. 

If we discuss the importance of Board exams, we all know that the result of Class 10th Board exams is required for the selection of streams in Class 11th.

The students with good scores can opt for Science stream and on the other hand, a student with less percentage, have to study Vocational in Class 11th.

Similarly, the result of Class 12th Board exams plays an important role in college admissions. The students with a high percentage can easily clear the cut off and get admission in their favourite colleges.

Now after being familiar with the importance of board exams, let\’s find out how to score good marks in Board exams?

Tips for scoring good marks in Board exams

The tips we are going to provide over here are suggested by the experts, experienced teachers and toppers. These tips will surely help you in giving the best performance and scoring good marks in your examinations.

Attend all Classes

Students, according to experienced teachers, a lot of students are skipping online classes.

It is acceptable that online classes are not perfectly effective but by attending the online classes will help you in understanding the concepts to some extent. Later you can revise the chapters from the textbook in order to improve.

So, as a first tip for scoring good marks in Board exams, we will recommend you to attend all the online classes. You should raise questions if you find something hard to understand.


Guys, due to lockdown and online classes, the government has asked the boards to reduce the syllabus for the comfort of students. Most of the boards have reduced the existing syllabus by nearly 30%.

It becomes increasingly important to know the latest syllabus for your upcoming exam. If you want to download the latest syllabus of any class or any board, then we will suggest you find that on

Using the latest syllabus you can prepare the remaining 70% content that is going to be asked in practicals and written examinations.

Biggest advantage to using the latest syllabus is that you can avoid learning the deleted concepts and chapters.

Short notes

This can be the most effective tip for any aspirant preparing for the board exams. After reading all the chapters mentioned in the latest syllabus, you should prepare short notes including formulas, important definitions, laws and one liners.

These notes are very helpful in revision during examination days. As we all know, it is very hard to revise complete textbooks during examination days. By reading or memorising these short notes you can recall the whole concept in a very short period of time. 

So, we will recommend you to prepare short notes, formulas, derivations, concepts, important definitions, laws and one liners while studying the textbooks.

Solve Model Papers

Once you study the chapters mentioned in the syllabus and prepare the short notes for all the chapters, you should solve the model papers if that subject.

For those who don\’t know about the model papers, we would like to tell them that model papers are prepared by a hard working team of experienced teachers.

These model papers include some most expected questions, previous year questions, concept and formulas based questions, and important derivations.

Therefore it becomes beneficial to solve the model papers  while exam preparation. Another benefit of solving model papers is that you get familiar with the topics and subjects in which you are weak. 

You can summarise the weak chapters and topics again to convert them into strong ones. Similarly you can use previous year question papers, question banks and practice sets for more practice. You can find 11th & 12th Model Paper on the official website of your board.


Guys these were a few proven tips that can really help you in scoring good marks and achieve your dreams. As a guide, we will recommend you to follow these tips to score good marks in Board exams.

Not only for board exams but few of these are helpful in any competitive exam. In the end, we would like to request you to share this article with your friends and classmates.

If you have any queries then feel free to use the comment section.


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