How can you Earn Money with BIGO LIVE

Most people download BIGO LIVE and use this app to watch live streaming and make new friends. Meanwhile, some use it to showcase their talents and earn money.

Earning money online may sound easy but it’s not, the same applies for Bigo Live too.

This post will provide you with all the information that is needed to make money by Bigo Live. Let’s see how one can earn money though Bigo live and how to encash it.

Part 1: Work as A Host/Recruiter to Earn Money from BIGO LIVE

Bored of your 9-5 corporate job? Bigo Live gets you an exciting offer to make money by showcasing your talent to a global audience. If you are an entertainer and love interacting with people through your talent, then Bigo Live is for you.

You can work on Bigo Live as Host or Recruiter. Host will do mobile live broadcast and after achieving monthly target then host will paid salary. Salary is based on factors such as content, followers, and time spent broadcasting. Globally, Bigo Live broadcasters have been known to earn as much as $5,000 per month.

If you want work as recruiter, you can recruit host and earn a decent commission.

Part 2: Earn Money from BIGO LIVE by Encashing Virtual Gifts

Another way of earning money is through encashing the virtual gifts. If you are a popular streamer, the followers will send you virtual gifts. Then, you can stock up these gifts that can be transformed into ‘beans’. The more popular you are; the more beans you will earn. Finally, these beans can be encashed for real money which the app deposits in your account. The current ‘bean’ exchange rate is 210 beans for US $1. Learn how to cash out beans on BIGO LIVE.

Make sure that you are showcasing some of your talents and this will ensure that you have a lot of viewers which is quite important to earn money.

Part 3: Tips to Get More Followers & More Money on BIGO LIVE

Till now, we have discussed how you can earn money from BIGO LIVE. And, you may have found that followers are the foundation of making money. Then, how you can attract more followers? These tips and tricks provided below may help you.

Go Live Regularly

If you want gifts, you need to go live…often.  And stay live for longer than a few minutes.  I see lots of new broadcasters going live 5-10 times for only 1-3 minutes each. How are viewers and potential bosses supposed to find your broadcasts if you pop up and disappear every few minutes?

Show Something Special

Do something different that will separate you from other streamers. People are always open to something new and your live video will start getting more viewers.

Focus On the Viewers, Not The Gifts

There’s a list of reasons why viewers send gifts.  Absent from that list: “because the broadcaster kept asking for diamonds.”  Don’t be thirsty for gifts. Talk to your viewers. Answer their questions (the appropriate ones). Ask them questions. When you engage your audience, they will want to support you.

Using Good Quality Phone

Make sure that you are using a good quality phone. If your live video quality is not clear, then you can expect a drop of followers. Additionally, pay attention to audio quality, especially if you are streaming music.

Support Other Broadcasters

Find other successful broadcasters that you like and follow them.  Be active in their broadcasts.  Get to know them.  Some of them will follow you back and return the love when you go live.

Schedule and Promote your broadcast

The more viewers you can get onboard ahead of time, the better. If you’ve got some good content to share with the world, let them know when to expect it. Additionally, you can send out promotional materials on your social profiles.

Final Thoughts

Due to Covid-19, unemployment is unprecedented in many countries right now. BIGO Agency hopes to provide an option for broadcasters and influencers to earn revenue via the platform


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