Wear wet socks to bed: Is it really beneficial or it’s a myth

Wear wet socks to bed therapy boosts your body\’s immune system! The funny thing is when you are applying cold wet sock treatment; your body actually thinks it’s under attack. It causes to give a response with fever. 

Even though no scientific research supports this claim, the advocates of this myth to wear wet socks to bed for getting relief from the cold are convinced that this practice is definitely effective.

 Wet socks treatment myth:

You may have heard ample myths regarding the wellness world which are apparently bizarre but we do follow them as gospel. 

There is another such kind of myth, which is found to be particularly odd: To wear wet socks to bed which will help you to prevent cold. 

Does it really work? ‘The Placebo Effect’

There is no precise evidence that this method will heal your cold. However, you may find some anecdotal evidence. There is an explanation for those people who believe that it really works could be considered as the placebo effect.

Wear wet socks to bed

An investigation from some trusted sources defines this placebo effect as a “Fascinating phenomenon which occurs while a sham therapeutic intervention improves the condition of the patient just because of those factors related with patient’s insight of intervention.”

At times, if people believe a particular therapy will work, that really does — though, technically speaking, it actually should not.

Why should you wear wet socks to bed?

Here is the explanation of this claim- While your feet start to get cool, blood vessels of your feet start to contract and also provide a good amount of nutrients to the organs and tissues. Afterward, while your feet start to get warm, blood vessels start to dilate which releases toxins in tissue.

Wet sock therapy:

Wet sock therapeutically suggested includes two kinds of socks –

  1. One pair of thin cottony socks and
  2.  One pair of thick and heavy woolen socks

You have to follow these instructions for applying this method-

  • Soak the feet in moderately hot water until they turn pink (8 to 12 minutes).
  • While soaking the feet in hot water, soak your cotton socks inside cold water.
  • When you feel that your feet are completely ready, let them dry.
  •  Afterward, wring out your cottony socks, then put those socks on the feet.
  • Also, put your dry woolen socks over your wet cottony socks.
  • Now, it is time to get into your bed! Do not forget to cover the feet, and afterward the next day morning, you can remove both the pairs.
Wear wet socks to bed

Can you get sick from wet feet?

While doing wet sock therapy, you may get wet or feel chilly. It does not get you sick in all cases. But you may get things that can make you more prone to coming down with a cold. 

Let’s take an example, you are more likely to grasp one if you are tremendously tired or in emotional distress or having allergies along with throat and nose symptoms.

Wet socks can help relieve pain

The improved movement in blood flow in the body helps to facilitate and encourage the pain-relief response. This kind of circulation exposes the body to a steady supply of nourishment and delivers oxygen from the blood cells. It triggers the curative reaction and reduction in pain.

Overall effect:

• It increases circulation

• Heating effect; derivative

• Gives sedative effect

• Helps to stimulate the whole immune system

• Helps to tone tissues

Cold sock treatment:

Cold Sock therapy is basically an uncomplicated hydrotherapy method that is effective to get relief in nasal blockage in bed during sleeping at night. It helps in stimulation of immune system of the upper portion of the respiratory tract; also give relaxation for chills and aches.

You also find it useful in colds, earaches, flu, sinus infections, influenza, and sore throats for any age of people from infant to elderly.


Preparation in cold sock treatment:

At night prior to go to bed, get ready yourself by having two pairs of socks (cotton and woolen). There must be 95% cotton and 95% wool in each, respectively. 

  • Step 1. Wear cotton socks and immerse your feet in tap water (cold). Wring those out methodically. Now, place your socks near to the bathtub or basin used in the next step. 
  • Step 2. Now, put the feet in the bathtub or basin of warm water for warming up the feet. Immerse them for few minutes waiting they are pink and hot.
  • Step 3. Take away the feet from hot water. Try to dry them off quickly. Without delay put on your cold cotton socks, and over that, put on woolen socks.
  • Step 4. Directly, go to bed. Remember; keep your feet covered throughout the night. 

Benefits of cold sock therapy:

When you start to follow the procedures involving cold sock therapy –

  • Your feet will start to get warm within few minutes after getting covered. 
  • Your nose and throat congestion will typically start to get relieved within around 30-40 minutes. 
  • It frequently works better than antihistamine or decongestant to get relief from congestion at night during sleep. 
  • Additionally, it is very common to see small infants or children fall to sleep instantly after going to bed with Cold Sock Treatment. About four hours later, socks should be completely dry; feet will get warmer, and also will get the improved result. 
  • It is desirable to do ‘Fever therapy’ treatment before ‘Cold Sock Treatment.


From wearing wet socks to bed to eat the oyster, there are so many things that may be considered as home remedies for the common cold. Even some of those have slight scientific support. Some folk remedies have added advantage of the ‘Placebo effect’. 

If somebody believes that a specific therapeutic cure is really effective, that faith can be enough for making them feel improved and getting over the cold faster. The truth is, there is no heal for the common cold. On the other hand, there are many ways which make you feel comfortable while common cold runs such as drinking a lot of water and getting rest.



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