The Complete Guide: How to Make Colors On LED Lights

Plenty of ways to change your mood, like taking energy drinks, getting set with your workout routine, and meditation. But do you know even lighting effects can make you feel GREAT. This is the same reason you see many retail stores and corporate offices uses bright lighting to make the mind under this energetic. That\’s eventually resulting in encouraging people to buy (in supermarkets) and work (in offices) more. 

As the world now stepping towards energy-efficient LED lighting which comes with more color variation ranges it\’s now possible to take advantage of it. But the question is- 

How to make colors with LED lights?

how to make colors on led lights

Simpler than its sounds. Using a DIY color combination, you can easily get your desired pick.  

So, Let\’s Get Started and know everything about changing LED lights color in this guide, answering the most common question at first- 

How To Make Different Colors On LED Lights

Do you know the concept of  RGB, i.e., Red, Green and Blue , except for a few, every color will be possible for you to create. 

Wondering, what’s that and how it helps in color creation for LED lights?

Here we go with quick detail:

RGB stands for Red, Green, and Blue color shades, also known as the basic colors of LED lighting.  For example, you can create YELLOW color combing the RED and GREEN color. Likewise, there are many other color shades to be achieved like this. 

Fascinating, right!

Well, so far, it was just a glimpse of information,so, keep scrolling for more on How To Make Different Colors On LED Lights and how you can change the intensity of LED lights to sharpen other colors. 

Now, have a look at the most confusing color BLACK! 

how to make colors on led lights

How To Make The Color Black On LED Lights? 

Well, it\’s possible to achieve but also not possible with RGB color. Many people get confused about how to get this color without covering their LEDs with black plastic or cloth.

You can make the color Black on your LED Lights only by increasing the intensity of purple to a great extent. At high-intensity purple color gives a dark black shadow effect.

So far we have discussed making LED lights colorful. But when these LED lights are aligned it becomes a LED color strip. 

Let\’s get you more about this!

Color Changing LED Strip Lights- 

As you LED strip lights are so designed that they further get divided into types  single-color and multi-color. Among these two types multi-color includes dream color strip lights and the most common one RGB strips. You must be knowing what RGB means, yes, the strips refer to a piece of LED lights consisting of only three red, green, and blue chips. 

The three chips can be controlled to give off red, green, or blue lights individually or combined to give a different color shade.  

You might have seen a horse-running animation created by LED strips, yes, it\’s only possible when you adjust the color or brightness of each pixel point using IC chips. Other examples of these adjustments are a watercourse, a shooting star tail, etc. 

But you won\’t be getting these IC chips in RGB strips, thus,l they fail to show such animation and only give the same color at each moment.

Don\’t worry! We have something interesting for you. That is a complete guide!

LED Lights DIY Color Combinations- 

how to make colors on led lights

The DIY color combination depends on the color selection. If you are using a remote control LED lighting strip then undoubtedly you can create a bunch of color shades.

What\’s amazing about this is you don\’t need to go through any manual color combination technique. Cool colors to make with LED lights is now easier than anything using these remote controls.

Eager to know more about these Remote Controls? Great! Here we have a short guide to- 

LED Color Changing Lights With Remote-

In general, different brands come up with a slightly different remote control. But the overall buttons and the controls are almost the same. 

Let\’s take an example of the Lepro RGB LED strip lights remote control and let you know the steps for \”How To DIY LED lights?\”

First install the LED strip lights, as per the manual given at your desired location. Now, take out the remote and switch it on, after which you will be able to see 20 colors (Preset) in its static mode.

You can select any color from the remote and your LED strip lights will continue to spread your choice all around. 

One more feature that you will get in the remote control is the color intensity change mode. For this, you have to press the up and down arrows in the DIY button mode

Using this button, you can increase or decrease the intensity of the RGB base colors to enhance and allow the richer colors to get dominated. 

how to make colors on led lights

How to Make Peach on LED Lights? 

This is gonna be very easy for you using the remote control. For a peach color on your LED lights, you have to press the “DIY1” button first. 

After this, just choose the adjustment button from the remote. 

Now, do the following settings- 

  1. Press the red color and increase it by 7 seconds.
  2. Press the green color and decrease it by 2 seconds.
  3. Press blue color and again decrease it by 2 seconds.

Amazing! Your desired peach color is LIVE.

Final Words- 

After this guide, we hope you are now clear with the point of how you can change your LED lights color. With LED lights you can make any color by adjusting the desired intensity proportion. The DIY color combination is now on remote controls and how to use it has already been listed out above in this article.  Wrapping up our read we hope we didn\’t miss out on anything uncovered. If we, then let us know. Also, don\’t forget to drop your color combination ideas in the comments below.

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