The Best Versace Perfumes for Bold Men

It is a well-known fact that there is a strong connection between sex and sexual attraction. 

When we find ourselves attracted to a person\’s scent, it means that their perfume and natural body odor have created the perfect combination. These two scents, when working together in harmony, create the ideal blend for a gentleman to attract a potential partner.

If you\’re looking for that perfect scent, we\’ve got the best Versace perfume for men to help you nail your individual smell. 

Keep reading to learn about the best Versace perfumes for bold men. 

Eros Eau De Parfum

Versace cologne Eros was originally launched in 2012 and was an instant favorite among gentlemen around the world who prefer luxury fragrances. It has long been considered one of the best Versace colognes.

In 2020, Eros Eau de Parfum makes its debut as the new Versace perfume for men, and it does not disappoint. 

The citrus notes of candy apple, lemon, mint, and mandarin orange produce a fresh scent while the hints of vanilla, sandalwood, and leather give it a masculine undertone. 

Named after the Greek god of love, this perfume is perfect for date night. It\’s sleek and sensual, guaranteed to draw others to you. 

Dylan Blue Pour Homme 

Versace\’s Dylan Blue Pour Homme launched in 2016 and like most of their perfume for men, it did not disappoint. 

If you\’re looking for a Versace perfume for men that\’s great for everyday wear, this will be your go-to scent. It has a mix of citrusy notes mixed with a coastal scent of the Mediterranean. The musky wood with black pepper and vanilla notes give this cologne a fresh and light scent that is easy on the nose but not without a hint of sex appeal. 

The marine and gold-colored bottled is chic and elegant, and perfect to encapsulate this classic fragrance. 

Versace Dreamer

This is one of Versace\’s more unique scents and it is exclusively for men who can confidently wear a bold scent. 

The notes of lavender and mandarin orange make it fresh and inviting, while the floral and tobacco notes make it more dominant. It boasts a mysterious scent profile and has over 8 hours of longevity thanks to the tonka bean and cedar. 

It is understated in the best way possible, masking itself as a personal scent more than a cologne. 

Eros Flame 

Versace\’s Eros Flame is a twist on the classic perfume, packed with even more power and intensity. 

It has the classic base of Eros mixed with sharper citrus notes including tangerine and orange mixed with rosemary. Notes of rose, pepperwood, and cedar, perfectly complement the patchouli and vanilla to create a rich and warm fragrance. 

The bottle is flame red with its classic medusa logo, perfect for a hot summer night. The Eros collection is the perfect Versace perfume set for men.

Make Your Go-to Scent the Best Versace Perfume For Men

Picking the perfect fragrance for you is easy with so many amazing options from Versace. The best Versace perfume for men will be personal to you and this list is a great place to start. Give these tantalizing scents a try if you\’re ready to make a bold statement with your individual scent.  If you enjoyed this article, keep coming back to our awesome blog for more on the best scents for men. 


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