Uncover 101+ Names That Mean Reborn (Updated 2023)

Finding a great name for a child is one of the toughest jobs as the baby needs to carry the name for her or his entire life. Recently a few of my friends have become parents and they were asking for names with the meaning of new beginnings or rebirth. Thus I decided to write an article on this topic as there are many parents like them who are looking for names with the meaning of rebirth or a new beginning.  


Delightful Baby Girl Names for New Beginnings


If you are looking for the perfect name for your child with the meaning of a new beginning or rebirth then you are at the right place. We will provide you with some best names for your baby girl with appropriate meanings.

Alula – The name “Alula” denotes the first step or the firstborn

Asha – The term “Asha” is one of the popular names which means hope.

Aurora – This term comes from a Latin origin that means dawn. It also denotes the name of the Roman goddess of sunrise.

Ausra – It is a Lithuanian name that means dawn.

Fathiya – It is an Arabic name that signifies “firstborn” or the first rays of the sun. The term is quite popular in Islamic states, Africa and in the Middle East.

Nashima – This is an Arabic term that means gentle breeze or fresh air.

Nyssa – This is a Greek origin name which is popular in the West which means beginning.

Oriana – “Oriania” is of Latin origin and is also an exotic name that means dawn. This name has been used several times by Tennyson in his ballad “The Ballad of Oriana”.

Renata – The name “Renata” is derived from the Latin word Renatus which denotes born again.

Senara – The origin of the name is Cornish which means light.



Charming Baby Boy Names to Kickstart a Lifetime of Adventures

If you are looking for a meaningful name for your baby boy I am here to provide you with some most meaningful names with unique spelling.

Aadi – “Aadi” is a Sanskrit name that means inception or beginning.

Arun – The origin of the name came from Sanskrit that denotes the dawn

Fresco – “Fresco” is an Italian name that means fresh.

Janus – the name came from Roman origin and it is the name of the Roman God as well as gateways.

Neo – Neo came from Latin origin that denotes “new”.

Ordell – The name derives from English origin that means “beginning”.

Tan – The origin of the term is Vietnam which means “a new start”.

Urien – The term denotes “privileged birth”

Vihaan – This is an Indian name that means “Sunrise” or “dawn”

Zorro – The name is a Slavic name that means “dawn”.

InizioAnatoleDagianRohit/ PrabhatUrien
AmilAadiShachar/ SaharAltanNeo
VonArun/ AhaanNeanderVihaanArman

Unisex Names for New Beginnings 


If you are looking for different unisex names from different origins that mean rebirth or new beginning then get some unique names

Nova – The name came from Latin origin that means “new”

Nouvel – “Nouvel” is the French name that denotes “new” or “young”

Torny – The term denotes “New”  

Kit – This is a Greek name that stands for “bearer of Christ”

Phoenix – This is a mythical Greek name which is the name of a Greek bird. The name denotes reincarnation.

Genesis – The origin of the name of Hebrew that stands for “origin”

Andy – Andy is of Greek origin which means brave

Skyler – This is an English origin that denotes the sky

Casey – Casey is derived from English origin that means brave in battle

Alex – This name denotes helper and defender of mankind

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The Ultimate Collection of Baby Names Symbolizing Rebirth

I have brought some best names for boys that can help those parents who are looking for some appropriate names for their sons.

Alba – It is a Spanish and Italian name that denotes “Dawn”

Chae-Won – This is a Korean name that stands for “beginning”

Dagny – It is a Scandinavian name that stands for “a new day” or “a new beginning”

Eos – It is the name of the Greek goddess of dawn and “Eos” is an ancient name.

Fatiha – Fatiha is an Arabic name which means first or beginning.

Genesis – Genesis is a popular name in the bible which has been used several times in the place of dawn.

Iola – Although “Iola” has been used for various purposes it often denotes “violet dawn”

Kia – It is one of the sweet and common names in Africa that stands for “new beginning”

Neoma – The name is popular for four decades that means “new moon”

Roxana – “Roxana” is the name of the wife of Alexander which is considered to be an attractive name that means dawn.

RickyThymeBeverlyMaisyLucky (Charms)

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Boy Names Symbolizing Rebirth and Fresh Starts


If you want to pick a meaningful name as well as a unique name for your son then choose the most appropriate name from below:

Ahaan – It is a Sanskrit name that denotes dawn.

Amil – Amil is an Arabic name that means a new beginning and hope

Dagian – The name belongs of English origin that means dawn

Inizio – It is an Italian name which is also a stylish name that means beginning

Janmey – The name belongs from India which means new-born

Prabhat – It is an Indian name that stands for dawn

Rene – Rene comes of French origin and denotes reborn

Sura – It is a common and popular American name which means new life

Von – It is an old German name that denotes hope

Zoran – Zoran is one of the popular names that stand for dawn.


Embrace Rebirth with These Girl Names

Here are some baby girls’ names discussed which mean rebirth :

Amara – Amara is a famous name that means “immortal” and “everlasting”

Kiara – Kiara is a Korean name that denotes “first ray of sun”.

Nadia – The name came from French origin which denotes “hope”

Raanana – The name belongs to Hebrew that means “new” as well as “fresh”

Roxanna – This is a charming name that stands for “dawn”

Seher – It is one of the unique names and it is a Persian name that means “morning”. The name is also popular in Pakistan.

Winona – It is an American name that means “newborn daughter”.

Zerlinda – This is an amazing Hebrew name that stands for “dawn”

Zora – Zora is a biblical root that means “dawn”

Zorina – This is a Slavic name that denotes a “golden dawn” 

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