Low Maintenance Garden Border Ideas

All the garden lovers out there, are you looking for some tips to care for your flowerbeds? Don’t worry, we heard you. Here we present a few easy-care methods for low-maintenance gardens.

Our lives are too busy for deadheading, staking, and watering every two seconds. Plus, you\’ll most likely want to spend the precious time you do have enjoying the view, not working for it. Hence, here we present a few low-maintenance garden border ideas for you.

These low-maintenance garden border ideas are for those garden lovers who wish for a beautiful backyard but don\’t have much time for chores. Without spending much time in the garden, you can still top the display show.

With careful planning and design as part of your flower bed ideas, it is possible for you to enjoy a yard full of variety through the seasons, but with less maintenance required.

combining the plants to create rich and vibrant tapestries, you may feel a little unsure of where to begin. Hence, we have covered some gorgeous low-maintenance garden border ideas below – whatever your backyard\’s style you\’ll be sure to find something that suits.

Low Maintenance Garden Border Ideas:


From cottage-garden borders to jungle-style pockets full of verdant ferns, these low-maintenance flowerbed ideas are sure to have you inspired for your stunning display.

No-dig gardening improves soil health and structure; to create a sustainable garden, we can use native and resilient plants as they require less watering and feeding, and attracting pollinators and other beneficial insects improve biodiversity for a wildlife-friendly garden.

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1. Follow the simple magical rule “right plant, right place”

Choosing the right plant for your site is one of the important aspects. While choosing plants for your site, assess conditions like light levels, soil, moisture, etc. During summer, plants tend to lose moisture very often, and watering them is time-consuming.

Nowadays, our lives are so mechanical, that we stay out for the most part of the day. In that case, taking care of plants is not an easy task. At the same time, we don’t want to see dull plants in our garden when we come back after a long day at work.

You can replace dull gardens free of charge with these easy maintenance tips. Especially in summer, look for drought-tolerant plants, such as those you would choose if planning a dry garden, which can cope with some neglect through hot spells.

Such as Lavandula angustifolia ‘Hidcote’ and Rosmarinus officinalis for evergreen structure, Echinacea purpurea (the pink cone-shaped flowers), and Echinops bannaticus for seasonal impact’ 

2. Include resilient plants

The key factor in maintaining gardens easily is by selecting the plants that are tough, consistent, and complement each other beautifully. For instance, ornamental grasses, such as Sesleria autumnalis and Helictotrichon sempervirens with Achillea ‘Terracotta’, Salvia nemorosa ‘Caradonna’, Echinops ritro ‘Veitch’s blue’ and kniphofia that combines color and form with a prolonged season of flowering and little maintenance.’ 

To plant in between, you can go for Hardy geraniums, such as Geranium Rozanne and Geranium psilostemon. they provide impacting color in the summer and fill in the gaps. Alchemilla Mollis has a similar habit, yet with bright lime green color.

3. Choose low-maintenance planting

When choosing plants, chose which look after themselves and require less attention. It is better to avoid plants like roses that need deadheading, regular pruning, staking, and extra feed, but low maintenance doesn’t have to be a border of solely static shrubs.

shrubs are difficult to move when they are larger hence keep them in an appropriate space at your site, whereas perennials and grasses are relatively easy to reposition.

4. Add backbone of evergreens

For your low-maintenance gardens, perennials are friendly as long as you put them in a place that\’s suitable, they\’ll come back year after year. All you need to do is chop at the end of the season.

Use a backbone of evergreen shrubs with a repeating tapestry of hardy and hard-working perennials with long seasons. This repetition is good to balance the design, is easy to maintain, and creates a good impact. Learn to divide the plants as it is cost-effective.

5. Use edging for tidy borders

To keep your borders tidy and to stop the creeps across from the paths and lawns, border edging and lawn edging are great ideas. 

6. Mulch the low-maintenance garden beds

Mulching is a great idea to retain moisture in the soil, reducing the need to water garden beds and borders and keep weeds down. Mulching is the best method for permaculture gardening for organic pots.

7. Add bulbs for seasonal interest

To maintain your garden in a cost-effective and easy manner, you can opt for natural methods. It is easy to get a water meadow look with less maintenance and flourish on poor soils.

And it\’s fantastic for wildlife, too. A layer of spring bulbs or summer bulbs will naturalize and repeat flowers every year.

8. Keep a hands-off approach

To maintain the garden easily in all the seasons, cut back in late winter than fall off. The hands-off approach helps you to have a beautiful seedbed of flowers and grasses, says Sheila Jack. 

Allow plants to die off where they are so that their decomposition adds to the soil\’s rich nutrients, and leaves plants to self-seed so that they naturally populate the garden.

9. Practice the no-dig method

The no-dig method requires less effort, time, and work for gardeners; hence it tops the low maintenance ideas. In the No-dig gardening method, a mulch of well-rotted garden compost or mushroom compost in spring and autumn is added to keep the soil in a good condition.

This method cancels the time spent on weeding and digging over borders. soil drainage and aeration are improved. These garden beds and borders consume less water.

10. Plant in gravel

 Plants are rooted into a layer of ‘fines’ free gravel, which is 10 to 20cm and is good for your garden. This is a better idea than planting in topsoil or imported soil.

11. Make a rock garden

For an easy-care flowerbed, a rock garden is one of the best options. There is a variety of options available, and these plants are easy to build, and it requires less water once they are grown.

You can go for a sprawling design or a miniature haven in a container – but place them where there is good sunlight. If you\’re going for something larger, take a cue from this scene and raise it with a short stone wall for greater impact.

Like this, you can then put more plants into the vertical nooks and crannies. You can go for a deep gray shade of the gravel here too, this gives a contemporary tone and looks particularly lovely against the vibrant planting.

12. Create a cool leafy scene with ferns

If you are looking for low-maintenance plants, ferns are a great choice, to begin with. They add volume and texture instantly. They require less moisture and shade.

They are suitable for all kinds of soils and don\’t require feeding (although mulching now and again will encourage growth). In late winter or early spring, just trim the dead fronds to have a beautiful and fresh blossom.

How do I make my garden borders low maintenance?


To make your garden low maintenance, perennials are one of the great ideas. You can use monkey grass. Rocks are also a natural border. To come up with a beautiful border around your garden, you can use bulbs and go for a mulched border around the plants.

Avoid using lots of tender plants. Tender plants require seasonal tasks such as lifting, winter wrapping, or moving to a protected environment which is time-consuming. Rather go for fully hardy plants which can be left outdoors all year.

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How Can I make my garden borders look good?

You can choose to line your garden with shrubs, either small or green ones. You can raise beds in between in your garden. if you wish to build a border in your garden, go for walkaways either using tile, bricks, or wood.

frequently asked questions

1. What is an excellent low-growing border plant?

Moss phlox is one of the low-growing perennials which is a great option for your borders.

2. How do I make a simple garden border?

You can add edges to your border, remove the grass and give perfect shape to your garden. Plan your border well, take into account how long each spot spends in the shade while planning. 

3. What is the most low-maintenance outdoor plant?

For low-maintenance gardens, you can divide your garden into shrubs, perennials, annuals, groundcovers, ornamental grasses, and bulbs. Coneflowers are a classic low-maintenance perennial. 

4. What is the most low-maintenance garden?

 Asparagus beds t are the most low-maintenance gardens on your homestead. Otherwise, shrubs are also a great choice. 

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