Key Elements of the Scandinavian Interior That Are Suitable for Any Apartment

The Scandinavian interior has long been a source of inspiration for a growing number of homeowners. From the rustic style of the old timber-frame farmhouses to the clean lines of contemporary minimalism, the design trend of the Scandi style is quickly making its mark around the globe. But the Scandinavian trend is much more than simply a set of design styles. Many different aspects of the Scandinavian design have helped make it the style of choice for many interior design enthusiasts. Today, we’re going to look at the most important elements of the Scandinavian interior that help to make any home an incredibly cosy and comfortable environment.

#1 – Durable and Recycled Materials

One of the basic principles of the Scandinavian lifestyle is caring for the environment. Therefore, in the design of houses in Denmark, Norway, and Sweden, high-quality durable materials are mainly used. In addition, Scandi is characterized by vintage and interior items made from recycled materials that serve as a decoration for the house for a long time. So if you want to make a Scandinavian-style home, then consider adding vintage decor items to the interior. This is actually where the roomroom solution will come in handy – it will help you visualize the space precisely, play around with different decor items, and choose the ones that work best for your setting.  

#2 – Thoughtful Lighting

In Scandinavian countries, daylight hours are short, so well-organized lighting is an important part of the interior. Try to create a multifaceted lighting system consisting not only of a ceiling chandelier but also of floor lamps, table lamps, candles, and garlands.

#3 – Smart Storage Organization

The basis of the Scandinavian style is moderate minimalism. It can be achieved by decluttering the space and organizing competent storage. It is better to get rid of unnecessary things and arrange the necessary ones in cabinets using baskets, containers, and dividers. Choose closed cabinets to match the colour of the walls. Don\’t keep too many things on open shelves – leave there only your favourite books, photographs, and a few memorabilia.

#4 – Natural and Minimalistic Elements

Scandinavian interior design emphasizes on natural and minimalist elements. Natural fabrics and hardwoods are preferred for the main decoration items. The use of light and bright colours is limited. Neutral and earthy tones are the most in-trend shades in the Scandinavian style.

#5 – The Simplicity

The Scandinavian style is a combination of simplicity and functionality. A minimalist apartment does not mean that everything has to be simple. It is quite the opposite. An excellent apartment design should have a lot of beautiful things so that the room itself is not just functional but also appealing. The simplicity of the style only means that the design should emphasize the essentials. It should not make a statement about how much money you have or what types of furniture you own.

#6 – Soft, Elegant Colours

Colours should complement the furniture in the room and create perfect harmony. In Scandi apartments, the colour palette is typically soft but not in a plain, boring way. An excellent Scandinavian interior looks fantastic and, at the same time, has a gentle mood. It is usually a combination of whites and blues, but also a variety of other colours. You can choose to emphasize colour by using a light and airy, modern and functional interior design or by adding a little colour with an exciting, artistic and traditional look.

#7 – Wood

When people say “Scandinavian style,” the first thing that comes to their mind is wooden furniture. In fact, the Scandinavian style involves the use of wood. The Danish and Norwegian are known for their wooden designs, and Swedish interior decor is based around solid wood furniture and interiors. The style relies on solid wood. So if you have a large room, we recommend that you go for the design with several pieces of furniture that are connected to one another. This type of design is quite practical and allows your room to look larger and more spacious.

#8 – Geometric Pattern

There are patterns of various shapes and sizes, such as squares, circles, and stripes. This is a pattern that is very characteristic of the Scandinavian style. It adds an air of elegance to the room and is a fantastic way to add an extra layer of design to your room. 

Wrapping up!

Whether you are a fan of Scandinavian interiors or adore the Scandinavian lifestyle, you might find it hard to imagine Scandinavian-style interiors in an apartment that isn\’t actually located in Norway or Sweden. And that\’s the beauty of Scandinavian design: it is so versatile, so universal, so well suited for apartments of all shapes and sizes. So there\’s no reason why you can\’t find some Scandinavian-style elements in your home, even if you live hundreds of miles away from Norway or Sweden. And the above interior elements will help to add a Scandi flavour to any home or setting.


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