How To Clean A Fan With A Plastic Bag Quickly In 3 Simple Steps?

Isn\’t it true that most of us have a standing fan in our living room or in our own rooms? While the summers might seem nothing without them, cleaning them becomes a big deal. And it is a bigger deal when the fan we are talking about is not a ceiling fan but a stand or a wall-mounted fan with grills attached to it. 

When you try to clean them, it typically causes you a lot of problems, especially with the small lines of design on the standing fan casing. Instead of dismantling the case and washing it, or even using a sponge and rubbing those lines one by one, there is now a far simpler alternative that has been posted online by certain netizens.

3 Easy Steps For You To Clean Off Dust From Your Standing Fan

Unlike most things that get dirty when kept aside without use, fans tend to get dirty at a faster rate when in use. They tend to collect all the dirt from the air especially if there is humidity making the fan look greasy. Besides, it also impacts the cooling quality of the fan air by degrading it. Here is a three-step tried and tested process to clean a standing fan without dismantling it like you need to do in the traditional process.

Make a solution 

Take a bowl and add two teaspoons of baking soda, half a cup of vinegar, and a liquid dishwasher of the same amount. You don’t need to add any water as the solution is already a liquid. However, mix the ingredients well to get a strong solution.


Now take an empty spray bottle and pour the solution into it. Give it a last shake before spraying it on the fan. Ensure that the blades are entirely covered with the solution by spraying it from all sides.

Cover the fan in a plastic bag

The last step requires you to have a large plastic bag to cover the fan. You will need a bag that will cover the fan entirely leaving no space at all. Also, tie the ends of the plastic with a rope to ensure that the plastic remains locked. Once you successfully place the plastic around the fan, turn ON the fan and let it blow into the plastic. Leave the fan like that for a good five minutes before switching OFF.

Be careful to not remove the plastic or open it while the fan is ON. Remove the plastic to see full off all the dust transferred from the blades of the fan to the plastic.

Can A Dusty Fan Make You Sick?

Dust and pollen can move in the air, triggering allergies in certain people. Another unwanted source of dust is the fan blades themselves. You may have symptoms such as a runny nose, itchy throat, sneezing, watery eyes, or breathing difficulty if you inhale certain allergens.


How Do You Clean A Fan Without Removing The Cover?

It\’s time to blow it up. It is the simplest method for cleaning a fan without dismantling it. You may use a blower to clean a tower fan, box fan, window fan, pedestal fan, or misting fan if you have one at home. Only take your fan to an open area (patio or basement) where no expensive or opulent furniture will be placed since dust and grime will flow out of the fan, and cleaning it with a blower fan may harm it.

After cleaning a fan with a blower, wrap it in a functional plastic bag (which is considerably heavier than a regular plastic bag) or store it in the box given by the manufacturer. This fan cleaning procedure may be used at the conclusion of the summer and the start of the new season.

When you don\’t need all of your fans, it\’s a good idea to put them away in a secure area. If your fan has gathered dust over a particular level, this fan cleaning procedure will not function. If you don\’t have any blowers, you can use a vacuum cleaner.

Can You Wash A Fan With Water?

From Consumer Reports\’ book \”How to Clean Practically Anything,\” here are some basic techniques. Fan housings may be cleaned using a moist cloth and an all-purpose cleaner, or a damp cloth soaked with water and mild detergent solution. Allow no liquid to enter the motor.

Fan blades that are dirty do not move air efficiently. So if you see your fan getting covered in dust or become blackish, take a moist cloth and clean the blades. However, if you are avoiding dismantling then using the above-mentioned solution seems to be a better option.

Dirt on the fan blades and the grills mostly are greasy in nature which does not easily get away with pure water until you use a cloth. So while you can use a jet spray to clean it using force, you will need to be careful with the motor. Because if any water gets into that, the fan will stop working. Also, if you are willing to dismantle and use water to clean the fan, try mixing liquid dishwasher with it to make a solution. It helps in cleaning the fan and blades much faster.

How Do You Clean The Dust Out Of A Honeywell Fan?

In most cases, cleaning Honeywell fans needs simply the use of a soft, moist cloth to gently wipe the exterior surface of the fan section between the front and rear grilles, or the use of a vacuum cleaner, compressed air, flexible dust wand, or pipe cleaner.

Does Cleaning A Fan Make It Cooler?

On a hot summer day, it seems a pity not to hang your laundry to dry, but if you don\’t have a clothes dryer or radiator racks, merely directing a fan at your laundry will dry it fast and provide a comparable cooling effect. While wet laundry can easily turn your fan into a cooler, it cannot make the air cool in general.

For that, you need to take a step and keep the fan clean. The dirt and grease over time besides affecting the cooling also make it difficult for the fan to run well. It adds pressure to the motor, eventually making it dead. Hence, try to keep the fan clean for the best results from your fans. It works!


1.How do you clean a fan without taking it apart?

You might try setting the fan on the ground outside and covering the engine with a dinner plate. Then use a cleaning like 409 or Clorox to spray the fan. Allow it to soak for a few minutes to loosen the dirt. Then, using your hose\’s jet setting, blow it clean. It can be used as a substitute for the plastic bag proposal described earlier in the article.

2.How do you clean the dust out of a fan?

Blast the dust from the blades by blowing away dust from the blades\’ surface using a hairdryer or compressed air. Use the hairdryer\’s coldest air setting and keep it six to ten inches away from the blades. Make careful to clean the reverse of the blades as well by turning the fan around.

3.What is the easiest way to clean a fan?

Unplug your fan, remove the outer cover (for box fans and other portable fans), and clean it well with a moist towel and a tiny bit of soap. Unplug your fan from the wall and turn it off. Your fan\’s grate should be removed. The grate should be vacuumed. Wipe the grate clean. Clean the blades of your fan. However, dismantling the fan may not be a preferable option for many.

So an alternate easy solution is using the plastic bag with the spray solution. But if you have a vacuum cleaner then you don’t need to think of anything else. Just use the vacuum cleaner to clean the dust off the grills and the blades in no time. It doesn’t require you to open or dismantle any part of the fan. However, the process is easier if done regularly or once in two months. 

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