Dream Catcher How To Make, Meaning, Types & Importance

It is very essential to know how to make dream catchers as they are meant for protection purposes. Dream catchers filter the dream and send positive dreams to the people while throwing away the negative dreams.

Before focusing on how to make dream catcher, it is important to know what exactly a dream catcher is. It is a hand-made object that is woven around a string and is decorated with various sacred materials like charms, beads, and wind chimes. It brings good luck and must be placed in the correct position.

Spiritual Meaning Of Dream Catcher

People want to know the dream catcher\’s spiritual meaning. The meaning and belief of the dream catcher originated from Native American cultures. It is a protective talisman in order to protect people from nightmares and negative dreams. According to them, both good and bad dream surrounds people at night.

dream catcher how to make

The dream catcher behaves like the web of the spider to trap all bad dreams. The bad dreams present on the web are completely destroyed with the first-morning sunlight and the good dreams flow through the feather to the people. It acts as apotropaic charms to fight against evil.

  • Origin of Dream Catcher- People think that where did dream catchers come from. Dream catchers were traced back to the Ojibwes. Ojibwes started the trend and later on other tribes, culture and nations adopted the concept of dream catchers. The dream catcher was first originated with Asibaikaashi, known as spider woman and spiritual protector. The Ojibwe woman weaved magical webs for the child and hung those above the infant’s bed to protect them from negative dreams.
  • Etymological Meaning Of Different Parts- Dream catchers along with its different parts possess inner meaning.
  • The Rounded Hoop indicates the life circle as it constantly goes round in a circle.
  • The web inside the frame shows tribute to the spider woman and the web traps bad dreams.
  • The circle at the centre denotes heart through which good vision and dreams pass.
  • Single beads represent the spider. Multiple beads represents several dreams that are captured at night have changed to sacred charms.
  • The light feathers hanging from the lower sides help the positive trapped dreams from the web to move gently to the sleeping person.
  • The arrowheads indicate medicinal wheels. The four corners of the arrows indicate four directions of the Earth drawing strength, good luck from all sides and protect a person.

Importance Of Dream Catcher

People who are eager to know what are dream catchers for, must consider several aspects of dream catchers.

  • Dream catchers along with its decorative feathers and attractive patterns able to spread calm and pleasant aura in house.
  • Apart from enhancing aesthetic vibe of the room, it also regulates energies.
  • Colourful dream catchers are meant for pursuing various goals.
  • Dreams catchers capture all sort of negative, scary dreams from the sleeping people.

Functions of Dream Catcher- In order to know how do dream catchers work, people need to hang the dream catcher over the bed with the hanging feathers and beads to the sleeping children. The web captures all bad dreams.

Dream Catcher How To Make

The bad dream disappears as soon as the first ray of the morning sun touches the dream catcher. Therefore the children sleeping under dream catcher are free from nightmares.

Types Of Dream Catcher With Meaning

It is very important for people to know about different types of dream catchers and their meanings. Accordingly, people can able to hang those dream catchers that fulfill their necessities.

  1. On the Basis of Origin-
  1. Native American Dream Catcher- It is a circular object with interwoven threads that symbolise the transfer of good dreams to the people through hanging feathers and rejection of bad dreams that are captured in the interwoven web.
  2. Siberian Dream catcher- It symbolise the attraction of all various visions including pleasant dreams and nightmares to penetrate to the inner depth of consciousness.
  3. Asian Dream Catcher- It contains several figures of animals and zodiac constellations that indicate strength.
  1. On the Basis of Colour- Before choosing the dream catcher people must be aware of the colour schemes and their significance.
Colours of Dream CatchersMeaning
WhiteIndicates purity and healing. It provides positive energy and protects you from various ailments.
BlackIndicates feminine energy of life. It provides stamina, strength, and firmness of mind. Provides power to complete the desired goal.
RedIndicates will and intense power. It enhances energy and creativity.
PinkDenotes energy of love. It allows vitality, removes stress, and helps in self-understanding.
OrangeIt provides harmony; maintains a balance between male and female principles and energy. Enhance strength to resist negative vibes.
YellowIndicates spiritual beginning. Provides spiritual strength, improves physical and mental health.
GreenIndicates endless life. Provides a positive vision to develop plans.
Sky blueDenotes truth. It enables us to predict the future with bright consciousness.
BlueProvides harmony and helps to purify the logical spirit. Represents success, strength, and determination.
VioletIndicates soul. Provides inspiration for a better life ahead and strength to accept the truth.
BrownIt helps to make good decisions. It helps to relax and meditate.

Suitable Places to Hang Dream Catcher- People want to know the best places where to hang a dream catcher. There are several places that are suitable to hang dream catcher keeping in mind its importance.

  • Bedroom Window is the most common and essential place to hang the dream catchers that can easily trap the bad dreams and destroy it.
  • It can be placed on the Rear View Mirror of the Vehicle to keep away evil power.
  • Large, decorative dream catchers are placed on the blank wall of the house to enhance the beauty of the room.
  • It can also be placed above the headboard of the bed to capture bad dreams.
  • People can also put decorative and small dream catcher on the handbag, purse or on backpack to keep away negative vibes and to upgrade positive strength.
  • It can be set at the entrance of the house with sacred medicines to bring positive energy along with the people entering the room.
  • Due to cultural importance and its attractive nature dream catchers are beautiful piece of art, so, it can also be put on necklaces and earrings.
  • It can be placed near any large windows that allow sufficient natural sunlight, so that the crystal beads can easily absorb the light.
  • It can be put in the attic if anyone listen some spooky sound and the dream catcher can reduce the negative spiritual energy.

Procedure to Make Dream Catcher

People want to know how to weave a dream catcher after knowing its importance and purposes. They should follow the step by step dream catcher weaving instructions in order to get a complete idea regarding how to make dream catchers at home.

  1. At first people need to focus on required materials to make a dream catcher.
  • 7”embroidery hoop or any metal hoop.
  • 6metres of ribbon or flat leather cord.
  • Beads of different shapes, sizes and colours.
  • 6metres+1metres thick cotton crochets thread or yarn.
  • Variety of feathers.
  • Sewing threads.
  • Tailors chalk or erasable pen.
  • Hot glue gun.
  1. Step-by step dream catchers weaving instructions-
  • The embroidery hoop is wrapped with either the flat leather chord or the ribbons from the top. Glue gun is used to provide glue to one end of the ribbon and then to stick it with the hoop.
  • The ribbon should be wrapped in such a way all around the hoop that no portion of the hoop is visible.
  • When wrapping comes to an end the excess ribbon must be trimmed off and then to apply glue at the mouth.
  • The hoop is divided into 16 equal parts. It is marked half with erasable pen and then half again for making four quarters. Then each quarter is marked and then divided into three.
types of Dream Catcher

For ease of wrapping, the thread is wrapped around the finger and then it is wrapped around the middle. For security, the knot is tied at the top along with glue.

  • The wound thread is passed through the loop and pulled it tight. The process is repeated several times. To make the last knot on top of the first. For the second layer, threads are weaved half-way through the previous layer.
  • To bring the thread back through the loop.
  • The third layer is weaved similarly. Fourth layer is weaved with beads. Number of beads to be used depends on the people. The middle of the first loop is weaved without beads. Then applying threads to beads.
  • The fifth layer is weaved with the thread after providing beads to previous layers.
  • Sixth layer is weaved working with the centre of fifth layer. The weaving continues till a small circle is formed in the middle of the hoop.
  • To finish weaving after passing the thread through all the previous loops in a running stitch. To secure glue is put after knotting and trimming.
  • Feathers are added along with the remaining beads.
  • To feed two threads through the loop and to pull tightly.
  • The same process is repeated with 8” thread leaving a gap of about 1” on either side.
  • Finally to take 8” of string and it is folded into half to tied through the top of the hoop and the dream catcher is ready for hanging.


What Do Dream Catchers Protect You From?

Dream catchers protect the sleepers mainly the children from bad dreams, nightmares, and also evil spirits. At night the air is filled with several good and bad dreams, so it is necessary to hang dream catchers.

What Do Dream Catchers Do?

The web of Dream catchers capture the bad dreams during the night and then destroy them when the day arrives. The feathers are responsible for good dreams and allow them to flow gently towards the sleeping person.

Do Dream Catchers Really Work?

Dream catchers are believed to work. They perform protective activities. It is believed that dream catchers act as filters for dreams and send good dreams to the sleeper keeping away the negative dreams.

Which Colour Dream Catcher Is The Best?

The color for the dream catcher is white and blue as it indicates pureness and hope. White also symbolizes freshness, light, goodness, simplicity, and coolness.

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