719+Best Ideas For Your Supermarket Name In India

In a pandemic world driven by the advancement of technology, the rift of retail and everyday products has shifted online. However, people are still drawn to the ease of supermarkets when it comes to basic necessities. The Covid breakout last year led people in a panic buying of their essential amenities, not from online, but from the nearest general store they know. With such soaring demand alive even today, more supermarkets are popping up. Hence, you need a prominent supermarket name for your pop-up store.

supermarket name

While your plan of opening your own supermarket is very apt in this day and age, it must hold a unique mark that drives people toward your shop in the first place. India is the quintessential hub of local shops, mom and pop stores. Here are some supermarket name ideas to get you started with opening up a store in the busy lanes of a typical Indian city.

Most Popular General Store Name Ideas 

In the hubbub of everyday hassles, people living in local residences still keep in mind the name of their essential grocery store. It\’s similar to a regular pharmacy or beauty salon everyone in the neighborhood visits.

Your supermarket will reach its recognition when there is a name tagging your product shop.

The name you choose for your supermarket should follow the basic course of naming: 

  • It should be Compact and brief
  • It should Match the products you will be selling
  • It is Easy to pronounce
  • It sounds Unique but not overboard

We got some ideas for the most common general store names that have stood the test of time, and worked their way through gaining local recognition.

Global Fresh Market. Jamboree MarketplaceMarket ConvenienceFood PurveyorFood YouAccelerator Grocer
Budget Foods.Better Bites Deli SnackParadiseGrocery StoryGrab and GoFoodstuff Visual
Dollar PantryStocked Pantry    Quick FoodsOh What Fun GroceryGrocery WorldGrocer Motors
Food Festive. Organic OrchardFleet MarketGreens GrocerHello FreshSupermarket Stacker
Fresh Food Marketplace. The PapayaApples to ZitiGrocery SwapBig Food MarketGrocery Store Wander
Rancher\’s Grocery. Exotic EatsFood to FlyNice Food MartFood AllGrocer Thinker
Freshmart Co-op.Tomatoes and TomahtoesNature CartThe Grocery StoreFood MartMotivation Groceries
Grocery MatePeapodGrocery NinjaTrue GroceryJust FoodGrocer Booster
Farm TableOlive StreetModern MarketGreen GoodnessGreen MartFactory Foodstuff
ChopperzWonderShopping CartGrocery GoStop and ShopGrocery Degree
Organica Food StoreInternet GroceryThe Rainbow Grocery CooperativeHero MartFarm GoodsGrocery Wreath
ShopnfreshGo Pantry11th Avenue GroceryGrocery ExpressEat EasyGroceries Goose
GroceryioThe GrocerBetter Food StoreMeal MartMarketplace MartGrocerygeist
Food FlexFood ShopWe Fresh$upermarketGroceryXSupermarket Smash
Millennial GroceryGood FoodsFood for AllGroecry of the FutureGrocery KingdomGrocery Cuisine
Food-o-netUrban GrocerFoodtopiaGroceryoInfinite GroceryGran Grocer
Cyber GroceryGrocery NetworkApricot GrocerSimply GourmetGrocery ChainGrocer Mustard
My Grocery StoreBe Well BasketRainbow FoodsBetter BasketFoodieGrocer Closer
KoopaliciousSmart GrocerGrocery on the GoSomewhere GroceryFood SpotServant Supermarket
Food GenomePlanet MarketNatures Finest GroceryTop GroceryBetter GoodsSupermarket Cling

List Of Supermarket Name That Work In India

Supermarkets and the Indian locality go hand in hand. Half of the population is deprived of access to the comfort of online shopping, leading to more demand for supermarkets in India, and some common market store names come to mind instantly.

General Store Name

India is diverse, with many cultures and ethnic origins, and we curated a list that may help you in choosing a good Indian supermarket name for your indigenous Indian products.

Big BazaarSpencer\’s Retail. FreshOrigin MarketNature’s BasketUnique Eats SupermarketYogi Supermarket
DMartMore Retail. BuyFresh ByFarmWelcome StoresSimply Meaty MartStealth Grocer
Star BazarFood worldThe Naturality ShopNikita StoresSouth Leaf FoodsSupermarket Sled
HypercityReliance SMART  Stop & ShopFood MarketSecret Kitchen StoreStrategy Grocer
Reliance Fresh.Munchy’s Grocery Farm to ForkLeela FarsanRasila’s Grocery StoreSupermarket Soup
SparOne Stop Food Shop NuFarm FreshJeevan Kirana Stores90 Degrees SupermarketSupermarket Scribble
GroffersBig Basket TATA STORESAmmi’s MartSpice Curries GroceryGrocery Gond
Kesari FoodmartReal SuperstoreCountdownZapmartMirch Masala MartSupermarket Phonics
Tasty Mumbai MartSave-On-FoodsFestival FoodsGeneral StoreMassala Theory SupermarketGrocery Tambourine
Mahalaxmi SupermarketThe Grocery OutletThe Blue BuckEasy Day FreshBollywood Spice StoreSupermarket Risk
Desi Stuff GroceryBromley Food StoreThe Spice RackMaratha StoreSwaad Sadan FoodsSupermarket Stunt
Grocery PoojaPepper’s GroceryFamily Fare SupermarketBest TradersThe Food Karma StoreGroceries Spy
Indian Bite SupermarketSunrise MartSave-A-LotMeena BazarUpari Manzil MartGrocer Splendor
Foodie’s Call GroceryClover GroceryFood Service StoreGrain CentreSaraswati GroceryPercept Supermarket
Sweet Roti MartSun Vin Grocery StoreHolton GroceryChana ShopIndian Magic SupermarketFoodstuff Integration
The Biskut HouseBrooklyn FareVinckier FoodsMesick MarketUrban Tadka GroceryGrocer Doctors
Motichur SweetsWhole Foods StoreFood Grocery StoreSafewayShri Shri GroceryGrocery Clique
Bombay Drama GroceryFarro Fresh Lunn AveWhitelaw MarketUnion Kitchen GroceryPunjab Paratha SupermarketGrocer Endeavor
Surprise GroceryFreshChoiceVital VittlesGiant FoodBook Lagi MarketFoodstuff Polaris
Flavor Us MarketBulk Food SavingsSanford Food CenterGood Food MarketsMatka SupermarketSupermarket Sums

Names Of Supermarkets Around The World

If you want a more universal touch to your supermarket name, one that works everywhere no matter the culture or place, you can always look for examples of supermarkets in the world.

Look into their names and understand how their identity got enhanced as a result. We bring to you a few prime examples of Supermarket names in the world that you might have heard of.

Penny Market.Lidl.Kroger CoSuper Saver GroceryGreen CityGrocer Founders
CBA.Carrefour.Better Bites Deli.Cyprus GrocerSuper GrocerSupermarket Spruce
BIM (Birlesik Magazalar)ALDI.Bravo Supermarkets.Grocery InquiryFruity MartSkater Supermarket
Ahold Delhaize.Walmart Budget Foods.Grid GrocerGlen GrocerSupermarket Splatter
Tesco. Spar E Mart.Cuba GroceryGrocer UpwardGrocery Tyne
Foodstuff FeatureFoodstuff FactRooster GrocerGrocer MeasureFoodstuff MavensGrocery Shop Curb
Grocer EffortsSupermarket ScoutsFoodstuff ExpressionGrocery CraftyCupid GroceriesFoodstuff Giant
Palate FoodstuffDeveloper GrocerFoodstuff MonkGroceries KoalaGroceries ActinPork Groceries
Archery GroceryImmunity GroceryGrocery Store GenderGram GroceryGrid GroceryFoodstuff Frontier
Grocery NavyFood Market LoseSupermarket MatrixGrocer BackerFoodstufflyGrocer Follower
Grocery AphroditeSyntax SupermarketGroceries GridHacker GrocerFoodstuff MinaFoodstuff Financial
Czar GroceryAutonomy GroceriesFoodstuff ActionsDestiny GroceryFoodstuff BotanicalGrocer Travelers
Grocer BirdHelper GrocerGrocery CozyFoodstuff DolphinSupermarket WigsFoodstuff Diges
Resolution FoodstuffSupermarket SubjectValentines GroceryFoodstuff LocalProxy GroceryGrocer Effort
Grocer HourGrocer HealerGrocer MainerGrocery Shop OntoFoodstuff ProposalGrocer Cup
Grocer GradDonations GroceryGrocer DirtTurbine GroceriesGrocery Store QuiltSupermarket Scare
Grocery CapacityEmployer GrocerCymbal GroceriesFoodstuff CanyonGrocery Shop ReliantGrocer Going
Supermarket CrispSupermarket CentsSupermarket SuccessGrocery XianBehavior GroceriesVela Food Market
Foodstuff PowerfulPlaybook GroceriesFranc FoodstuffWhisky GroceryColumns FoodstuffFica Foodstuff
Foodstuff HourglassAmp FoodstuffGrocery GeneNavigator GrocerGrocer RiserGrocer Trotter

Tamil Supermarket Name In South India 

Naming your general store in Tamil shows purity and loyalty towards your home state, in the South. If you belong to a different state and want to name your shop in Tamil, it signifies what kind of products you will keep and your ethnic origin.

Supermarket Name In South India 

Choose from some of the general store names mostly spotted in the southern Tamil-speaking states we have picked for you.

MaLigai k kadaiNarcheidhiVirutchamVenkateshwara Super StoresFoodstuff FlowFoodstuff Affirmations
MaLigaiyangAdi.PandagasAlaikuzhalSupermarket SeltzerSupermarket DiningSupermarket Silly
Maligai MaLigai spacious storesManimegalaYazhGrocery PandaThe Natural GrocerPerformance Grocery
Palasara k kangAdiKapiyamEzhilSupermarket ExecutiveSupermarket QuillSupermarket Scot
Palasarakku k kadaiTharangaDragons FoodstuffGrocer BreakerSupermarket BloomFraternity Grocery
Palasarakku mALigai For spacious storesGusto GrocerGran GroceryGrocery BeastFoodstuff ConvergenceDiver Grocer
Island FoodstuffSupermarket BuildThe Great Idea GroceryFoodstuff ReindeerGrocer WatcherGrocer Trippy
Supermarket SurferFoodstuff FertilityCredo GrocerFir GrocerFoodstuff TuckGrands Grocer
Grocery SeatGrocer AcceleratorSupermarket WhipSupermarket YearGrocery Venture LLCFoodstuff One
Grocer JugglerDegree GroceryGrocer RectifierFoodstuff Pivot Supermarket SquirrelSupermarket Labyrinth
Daisy GrocerySupermarket StressGrocer CasterVector GroceryGrocer GaugeGrammar Grocer
Trader GrocerGrocery By ExampleFoodstuff BitesFoodstuffiwiseGrocerr ReaperGrocery Saucy
Grocery GlitterGrocer SoldierGrocer GlenGrocery DeedsFoodstuff LikesDay Groceries
Diary GroceryGrocer CaptureGrocer BakerFoodstuff GeneFoodstuff FudgeSignature Supermarket
Foodstuff ApparelGrocer RelevantQuid SupermarketFop FoodstuffExpedition GroceryIon Groceries
Pheasant SupermarketThe Winning GroceryGrocer TerrierFoodstuff GalleriaStability GroceryUntil Food Market
Grocer AdventuresGrocer DessertsGrocer ArbitratorAruba SupermarketFoodstuff CollectionGrocery Grandpa
Grocer SkinnyGravity GrocerySupermarket SecurelyOutcome GroceryGrocery GreyDolly Grocery
Supermarket SmileGoblet GroceryGrocery UrgencyUltimate Grocery CompanySupermarket EdictSupermarket Counsel
Gangster GrocerGrocery GoodbyeSupermarket HitSupermarket ConnectiveWok FoodstuffSupermarket Summer

Supermarket Name In Hindi

As the national language of our country, Hindi proves to be the most common language while naming a local amenity. Your supermarket will rise to popularity in a typical Hindi-speaking state only through the name if you choose one from the list of the Best Hindi Supermarket Names we could find.

Rabba Fine FoodsApna BazarBasha Foods Chauhan General StoreKalinkaGrocery Shop Router
Kohinoor FoodsChalo TazaTaza SabjiBadal General StoreRed RickshawSupermarket Bracket
Chaat MasalaBati BazaarDesi cornerSelling StreetGarcia’s FoodFoodstuff Blush
Sabji MandiLaxmi BazaarGhar Ke LiyeShri Shyam Depratmental StoreBianca Mora ShopModern Store
Bharat BazarDelhi DesiHaji BabaJagdembey StoreTesco Metro shivnarine Store
Sona ChandiGulabi mandiNastah HaveliCity StoreSonal export import Sharma super store
Express StoreBapu PansariAdvance StoreMoti Lal StoreTurkish Shop Center Sonu General Store
Top 1 StoreChoote Lala StoreLeela StoreSant Lal Kirana StoreGokul Food & Veg Retail Mahadev General Store
Earth StoreFree StoreKhan StoreRajera General StoreHealthy Food Supplements Sri Balaji Store
Local StoreGanga StoreSomya Retail StoreMunna General StoreWoolworths Sakshi super store
Dev General StoreKhusdil Kirana StoreDistrict StoreKamal Super StoreZer Food Center Rohit Provision Store
Apna StoreFauji Kirana StoreTara Chand and Sons StoreFresh General StoreBetter WayGandhi cold drink
Sasta StorePrem StoreJain Provision StorePankaj GroceryVaneice kailashpati Pan Bhandar
Domi StoreBala ji confectionaryPrithvi General StoreNavya Parchun DukanBudgens of Sudbury Bharat General Store
Big StoreAggarwal Provision Store Shri Ganesh General StoreCity Heart StoreSriram Cash & Carry Family store
Money Value StoreSardaran Di HattiSuper MartDaily Need ShopAmman’s Food CentreChiman Lal Madan Lal
Good StoreTirupati Bala ji confectionaryKrishna EnterpriesesIndia StoreExotic Food DirectQuality Store
Kaka ji StoreShyam Mega StoreSachdeva General StoreVillage StoreSavewise SupermarketShri Shyam Kirana Store
Shanti StoreModern StorePrince Kirana StoreAam StoreSouth Harrow FruitersOm Sai Kirana Store
Rama StoreAanand StoreKala StoreSadar StoreVinu SupermarketSanwariya Trading Company

The Best Supermarket Name Found In Kerala

Kerala is home to a lot of spices, also called the Spice Coast of India. One can refer to that while naming his grocery store in the Southern state. Apart from that, Kerala\’s local buzz emanates from its green landscapes, and nature is a big part of its culture.

Supermarket Names In Kerela

You can draw inspiration from that and name your supermarket, as we bring to you some examples that mark Kerala\’s presence.

Nilgiri\’s SupermarketBismi Hypermart PalakkadPriyom Mart Super MarketAll in One Departmental StoreFleet MarketLaxmi Store
KC CentreSulabha Hypermarket.Kaveri MarketGolu Super StoreOrganic OrchardMittal General Store
We Mart.Pachakarikayathattu Supermart KannyakumariSingal Kirana StoreKitchen Delight Storesdelli mart
Select Supermarket.Manath SupermarketAndoor Super MarketKansal Kirana StoreMeals on WheelsMini Kirana
Orange Hypermarket.Bismi HypermartKaasi Super MarketBest Price Kirana StoreRancher’s Grocerydrop in basket mart
Shiva Organic CentrePrakruthy Organic Food ProductsPokkali Organic Lifestyle StoreBhole Nath Kirana StoreMarket Convenienceheavy basket mart
Tip Top StoreFarmeezMini Super MarketYadav Kirana ShopSafeway storebasket house mart
Grocery ShopSimply Natural GrocerFreedom MarketBishnoi Kirana StoreAthena Farmsflying cart mart
All MartTheFarmoryDupont MarketRathore Kirana StoreSupersienna grocerybaby basket mart
Padmawati Kiryana StoreFarmarket StandMini MetroBalaji Kirana & General StoreLuckyHands storeshop like mart
FoodlandMajor MarketEach Peach MarketRakshit Kirana StoreSteps To Savingquanty cave mart
Greenaway GrocerSafeway storeStreets MarketShiv Shakti Kirana StoreFamily Food Co.go shop mart
UpscaleMarketHappy MartOdd ProvisionsMEHTA GENERAL STOREFood Superstorespeedy cart mart
Nature’s BestGolden GroceryGrocery and LiquorGabru kirana storeMega MarketUrban Green
Grand StoresSave MartSave Mart SupermarketsPahuja Kirana StoreRise & Shinefoodin basket mart
Pure SupermarketPurefoodsKings Food Grocery StoreDeluxe Food MarketFresh Market Placefoody garden mart
Exception MarketGrower’s MarketGrocery OutletUnion GroceryCermak Producevillege cart mart
The Run ShopGoldenFresh MarketFood 4 LessStop & Shopsparow nest martbudget cart mart
Premium martReal Food MarketAny time FoodSuper Value Storefashion shine martpantry heaven mart
Bassem StoreBestBargainHarvesTime FoodsOK FOODSMadura Super Marketgreen apple mart

Things To Keep In Mind While Naming A Supermarket

You are about to mark your presence with your new retail shop in your neighborhood. So, it is good to know all the cautionary information before you make your supermarket name official to the local public.

  • Make sure the name is unique, and not already taken by some other local supplier. This will help your store with prominence and surety, without having to face any possible trademark issues.
  • The name should be appropriate, and publicly applicable. Inappropriate or obscene titles to your shop will not only bring in controversy and complaints, but also have you end up in serious charges.
  • Do not go for names that are hard to spell, or long and difficult to understand. A difficult name, as surprising as it sounds, can instantly draw away customers and harm your business growth.
  • Avoid Plagiarizing from celebrity names, famous places, and famous brand names while naming your supermarket. Copyright laws have become stricter in today’s world , and big name brands make it a point for the smallest hint of plagiarism of their value.

What To Know Before Opening My Own Supermarket?

Opening a retail business is tricky, and one must be aware of all the primary precedence and nitty-gritty to smoothen the whole process of setting up one. While supermarkets are extremely useful to have in neighborhoods, you have to go through certain decision-making aspects to be successful in the long run.

Supermarket Names in India

We can answer some frequently asked questions from someone who may be confused about carrying out the additional work of opening a retail store.

How Much Does Owning a Supermarket Earn?

The average income of a supermarket depends on a variety of factors that fuel its cash flow, such as :

  • How Popular the shop is in its locality
  • How the Shop handles its supply and Demand dynamic
  • How it handles customers and customer service
  • How it markets it products locally

Keeping these things in mind, an average micro-enterprise shop in India can earn 20,000 to 30,000 per month.

Although initial profits are marginally low, gradually, income will increase with the proper administration of your retail business. Indian grocery stores have a gross profit margin of 14%, which is not bad for a micro-enterprise that is just starting off.

How Much Does It Cost To Build A Supermarket?

Indian supermarkets go through a series of fundings before setting up the shop. You need to spend money on the basic necessities for your supermarket business, which are:

  • Rent in advance for the land, and the place you want to set up your shop.
  • Painting and decorum
  • Racks for holding items
  • Deal with cheaper and efficient agencies for supply of goods
  • Computer with barcode reading technology
  • Billing software
  • A vegetable supplier if you want to add groceries to your store
  • Salaries for additional employees in labour

A minimum cost of 50,000 INR may be needed to fund your expenses for the initial setup of your local store. The profit margin will rise once you are good to go with your investment and set up the shop. So be patient and invest smartly.

Laws And Procedures To Follow While Opening A Supermarket

The retail and micro-enterprise industry is rapidly growing in India. Hence, a legal framework is mandated especially for micro-businesses by the Indian Legislative body.

Therefore, every local entrepreneur needs to keep account of the clauses while he decides on taking up the land.

Contract Of Lease

Acquisition of land requires a minimum contract of lease with the landlord, containing the fees structure and work hour details.

Licensing And Registration

Trade License – Retail owners are obligated to officiate a trade license in agreement with statutory provisions and regulations. If you are about to open one of the three following kinds of retail stores, you need to first and foremost opt for legally licensing your trade.

  • Food and groceries
  • Manufacturing and electrical appliances
  • Sharp Tools and equipments like firewood, inflammable objects like candles or lighters
supermarket name

The estimated period of 1st January to 31st March of a year is the stipulated time of renewal of a trade license. Make sure you do not go past the expiry deadline.

You must comply with the rules set in the provision of trade license in The Shop and Establishment Act. Additional Rules and Procedures are to be kept in mind while signing any legal document.

Other legal documents involved in the process include –

  • Taxation norms
  • Sign permit
  • Delivery service legal mandates

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