Quality Control for BPA-Free POS Thermal Paper Rolls

Thermal POS paper rolls are paper rolls that are created for use at various pay stations in different sectors like retail, gaming, finance, hospitality, and more. These are made with a special type of coating that uses heat to print images or words. Two different types of thermal paper are used at point-of-sale machines, thermal paper rolls, and BPA-free thermal paper rolls.

BPA-free thermal paper rolls are consider a safer alternative to standard thermal paper rolls due to the absence of bisphenol A.

As BPA-free thermal paper is also use in different sectors for point of sale machines, here’s a guide on checking and maintaining the quality of POS thermal paper rolls.

What is BPA-Free Thermal Paper Roll?

BPA-free thermal paper rolls are a type of POS thermal paper roll manufacture without bisphenol A chemicals apply to the thermal paper roll.

Therefore, this type of thermal paper does not transfer BPA  onto the human body. Due to the reasons mention above, BPA-free thermal paper rolls are highly favor by industries. Like healthcare, retail, entertainment, and other fields.

BPA-free thermal paper for POS is better than thermal paper rolls made with BPA as it does not affect your health.

In addition, several suppliers manufacture BPA-free thermal paper rolls. Which makes it possible for you as a business owner to switch to BPA-free thermal receipt paper.

Another important thing to remember is the BPA-free thermal receipt paper roll length. The quality should match the details on the outer packaging. A high-quality POS thermal paper roll will provide a clear and easy-to-read print.  

Check The Quality of POS Thermal Paper Roll

There are some very easy ways to determine the quality of POS thermal rolls. Since these paper rolls are not the same as bond paper, which requires ink to print images and words, thermal paper rolls are available in different grades and price points. The most common ways to identify the quality of POS paper rolls are as follows:

Physical Dimensions

Thermal paper rolls are manufacture in various sizes and dimensions to accommodate many POS printer models. As a result, some BPA-free thermal receipt paper variants are more popular than others. First, however, it is important to ensure that the BPA-free thermal paper specifications match the thermal paper printer roll.

For example, in the UK, specifications for pos thermal rolls include the roll and core diameters. Which is absent in the BPA-free thermal paper rolls create in the USA.


The most common thickness for BPA-free thermal paper for pos ranges from 2.4 to 3.3 mils. Also, the increased thickness of BPA-free thermal paper means it will be more luxurious. Less prone to being crinkle, and quite pleasing to touch. However, due to such properties, the price of BPA-free thermal receipt paper can differ greatly. Therefore, choosing the best-suited thermal paper fulfills both value for money and good quality.


BPA-free thermal paper roll is available in different thickness levels, which might appear the same, but their sensitivity levels are different.

Based on the coatings placed on BPA-free thermal paper for pos, these rolls. Which can create improved image resolution and stability. However, it is also important to remember that BPA-free thermal paper rolls cost higher due to the higher-resolution coatings.

Image Degradability

Due to the variation in heat and temperatures, different thermal paper grades react differently or have some unexpected drawbacks. Although some coatings might negatively react to temperature changes and light and heat exposure. Other coatings can degrade due to everyday substances like plastic, lotion, or water.

Sunlight contrast identification

A BPA-free thermal paper roll is place in the sun after color by a highlighter. The thermal paper roll turns black very fast through this method. Which helps you understand when the BPA-free thermal paper roll can be store.


Good quality BPA-free thermal paper rolls should be slightly greenish. If the paper is extremely white, it is a low-quality BPA-free thermal paper roll due to the presence of phosphor. Additionally, if the thermal paper roll looks uneven, it is safe to assume that the coating was not correctly.

Fire roasting

With the help of a lighter, heat the back of the thermal paper and check the color. If the color is brown, then the storage time for that specific roll of BPA-free thermal paper for pos has a short storage time.

On the other hand, higher-quality BPA-free thermal receipt paper displays black and green colors after being heat.
Which is uniform and fades outwards (i.e., center to surroundings).

Environmental resistance

The environmental resistance level depends on the grade of paper the business owner is storing for their POS needs. Due to the varying grades in pos thermal rolls, it is necessary to ensure. That the BPA-free thermal paper for pos is store in an area with an extremely low chance of exposure to elements like heat, moisture, and light. Doing so will ensure that these thermal rolls can be stored and used for a long time.

To Summarize:

There are specific quality checks that need to be done to ensure that you as a business owner can get the best quality. BPA-free thermal paper for your business needs. Also, it is extremely important to check where the BPA-free thermal receipt paper is being stored.

There is less than a reduced chance of the stored rolls being damaged due to environmental reasons. Like too much heat, moisture, or prolonged exposure to light.

Also, with all the mentioned tests, ensure that the selected BPA-free thermal paper roll. Which is the best choice for the specific type of POS machine being used. Additionally, the budget for purchasing BPA-free thermal paper for POS should be adequate to purchase high-quality.


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