Impacts of Education on Health and Wellbeing

An educated person can lead a healthier life than the ones who are less or uneducated. We are not saying this but the surveys linked to health and educations are. The mortality rate of people who completed 16 to 17 years of education is less than people who did not even complete their high school or college. 

There can be several reasons for that. You can say, educated people know what is good for their health and what is not good or injurious. Possibilities are endless here. This isn’t as complex as it sounds and we will try our best to let you know why and how education affects not only your mental but physical health too. 

The education gives you exposure to life and you develop a healthy personality, that doesn’t only benefit you but also benefits the society. Both education and health are intertwined. Good quality education is the pillar of success, that’s what we are hearing since our childhood. But have you ever wondered, health is also connected to education? 

Think about it like this, education is the only way you get to learn about all of the deadliest diseases like cancer, aids, tumor, whatnot. If there weren’t educational institutes, how would you know about it? We happened to hire an essay writing service for one of our health education essays and that helped us a lot to understand this important relationship between health and education. 

Here are the 6 healthy impacts of education on Health:

You won’t die early 

As we have said before. Study shows that four years of education lower the rate of five years of mortality by 1.8% and diabetes risk by 1.3%. Moreover, the risk of heart disease reduces by 2.16. So if you haven’t completed your degree yet, make sure you do it as soon as possible. 

You adopt a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is all that we need. But not everyone can afford it. Because for that we need to have a high earning job. And if when we don’t have a reputable degree, why would someone hire us? Therefore; when you are highly educated, it helps you to get a good job with handsome salary packages along with health benefits. You can either use those benefits or get a gym membership. In both ways, you’ll get to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

You don’t smoke 

According to a document, written by some nursing essay writers stated that educated people are less likely to smoke. The analysis is based on a hypothesis because, during Vietnam War, many college students dropped the smoking habit no matter at which point in life they developed it.

Aside from all other aspects, education is supposed to let you understand that certain habits might help you to “fit in” but some habits are most likely to cause you a lot of problems later in life. However, humans are free-will creatures and they can’t be controlled or told what should they do but they can surely compare the differences. 

Prevent common illness 

Another impact of education on health is that it prevents common illnesses. The more you study or read articles the more you know about different diseases. Health education is considered to be the most important thing. Because many people aren’t aware of very common diseases. The main reason for this ignorance is, they don’t study enough. You may have studied about common illness in school, well if you ever been into school. But it’s a phenomenon, you naturally try to avoid harmful things or behaviors if you want to live longer. 

Although, indeed, health education was never taken seriously many times before since we went through a global pandemic due to covid19’ things changed. Now people have started to take the slightest changes in health seriously. Because they don’t want to encounter this deadliest virus. And there’s the only way you can dodge these bullets and that is getting an education about them. 

Less mental health struggles 

This one is a very common and scientifically proven impact of education. It affects your mental health the same way it strikes physical health. Mental health used to be a stigma because we always felt ashamed of talking about it loudly. This thing needs to be stopped because mental health struggles need the same devotion and treatment as a stomach ache. And now, that we can talk about it on public forums and classrooms, things are getting easier. An educated individual is less likely to get influenced by mental health issues than someone who isn’t educated. 

You can have health insurance 

The biggest impact of education is health insurance. Many firms and companies have perks of health insurance but these benefits are specially reserved for highly educated people. We know it doesn’t make much sense but it is nothing different than getting a great job because of your education.

If you are educated enough, any firm would consider it a pleasure to have you on board with them. It’s in the policy of renowned firms, they try to benefit their experienced and educated employees as much as they can because these employees are sort of an asset to the company. And no company can afford to lose such candidates. Health insurance assists you to better health facilities. A normal employee with not so good track record cannot have that kind of advantage. 


Apart from all the facts and figures that’s been mentioned above, education is really important. And it’s a right of every human being on this planet. If you try to snatch this right from people, they might end up leading a miserable life due to ignorance. Education helps you to build a strong personality so you can survive in this world. Where education helps you to be a better person and opens job opportunities for you, it impacts your health too. Just like an educated person is an asset of society, the same way healthy minds and bodies are important.


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