Everything You Need to Know About Snare Drums

Have you ever seen a band playing live? Or know someone who plays snare drum in a band? The snare drums are used by the musicians at different times like while playing in an orchestra, parades, concert bands, military bands or marching, and drum corps, etc. some might even say that the drum snares are the foundation of multiple musical tracks. If you are at the beginning stage of music, you might wonder what the thing is used for.

Understanding What a Snare Drum Is

Snare drums make a distinct cracking sound when hit by a beater. The famous drumroll (that you do on every other occasion) is perfected with snare drum only. One can alter the sounds produced by the snare drums by tightening their head. Previously, the drum frame used to be made from wood but now, metal is used in the software.

Components of a Snare Drum

A drum snare has different components, serving various purposes. Let’s look at what the parts do:


The drum has its appearance because of the shells only (typically made from a mixture of wood) that are now being made from metals like bronze, steel, aluminum, and brass. Other materials used are acrylic, carbon fiber, titanium, and even glass sometimes. Different shells yield different sounds, you can pick any according to the music you want to create.


In most snare drums, you can easily spot metal rims or hoops either made of die-cast method or triple-flange method. The rims allow the drum to produce the sound of different loudness.

Lugs & Tension Rods

The overall sound of the drum is also home decor by the lugs but not as much as in past because of the design advances and other things. One can tension the drums with tension rods and ropes.


All kinds of strainers have some mechanism for engaging or disengaging the wires, adjustment of the tension, and butt plate.

Some other components that you may have heard of are –

  • Muffling
  • Mounting
  • Heads
  • Snare beds
  • Snare wires

Types of Snare Drums

Every occasion can have the use of snare drums to some extent or the other. There is no theory like one drum fits all the purposes, instead, there are many suitable for various purposes. Below here are mentioned some types that are available in the marketplace.


These snare drums often carry wooden shells, featuring cable snares of metals. This is also using the artists with the right amount of muffling for producing unique sounds.

Drum Set

Such drums have snappy snares with a wide choice when it comes to the drumhead. These are perfect for every kind of drum set and produce a fat sound.


These drums are high-tension and deeper than the above two drums mentioned. They are sturdy and durable in design, which makes them appropriate for marching purposes.

Pipe Band

The drums are identical to marching drum snares to some extent. What is different is that pipe band drums feature a second set of snares under the batter head, producing a crisp, dry, and highly responsible voice.


Field snare drums are the preferred choice of artists in orchestras, concerts, or any other ensemble. They have a large diameter, greater depth, allowing them to produce resonating sound. They are using at lower tunings.

According to what you need, the size of the drum snares also varies. You can pick a small, medium, or large drum. Be responsible in choosing one to set up the tempo required by the instruments you have. A rightly picked drum snare can enhance the quality of your music.


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