Celebrities With Curly Hair Who Are Embracing Their Natural Texture

curly hair: In the past the moment that celebrities with curly hair became well-known, there came the blowouts, and then the rings (see Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Julia Roberts and including Taylor Swift). On the other hand, it\’s true that there\’s nothing quite like a good blowout. On the other hand, it created an almost homogeneous movie of smooth locks and hair, with no aspirational curls and kinks and coils to admire. However, we\’re glad to say there\’s no longer the situation.

Bella Poarch

Bella is a United States resident; They come from a different location. Her family relocated to the new residence at 13 years of age. young.

Her popularity is due to her Instagram account. She started receiving love through her account on social media initiatives. She is also interested in sports such as football rugby, soccer, and more. After a while of working on her passions, she gained a lot of attention.

The singer also released a single called \”Build a Bitch\”. Her following is 9.9 million followers through the Instagram social media handles and 187k follow the account on Twitter. Bella Poarch Curly Harris is also popular in TikTok and has 56.2 million followers.

It\’s not surprising that this is it was what inspired her love for Tiktok and also contributed to making her fame because of her interests.

If not, there\’s no have to be concerned about it. The report will give you all you must learn about her.

Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez chose to preview her unique makeup collection by posting selfies of her natural hairstyle. \”Had an urge to put my make-up on,\” she wrote in the caption to four stunning images. \”My papa noticed and continued to ask \”why are you looking that way?\” He whistled as she walked away. So, there\’s that.\”

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Gabrielle Union

It\’s not the only time Union has had her hair in natural style however this is the first time she\’s been twin in public alongside her beautiful daughter. \”mama\’s got hair like yours!!\” she wrote on Instagram. \”When I took my braids out, she was like now mom & baby both rocking their natural curls #QuarantineNaturalHairChronicles\”

Ariana Grande

In the past, the singer has offered glimpses of her beautiful curls, such as when she was at home, surrounded by her family during the outbreak of coronavirus. We\’d like to see more celebrities follow her example and release the curls.

Cardi B

Famous for her constantly changing (and vibrant) hairstyles, Cardi B showed off her natural hair on Instagram Stories in March 2020 while America was tucked away during the coronavirus epidemic. \”Look at my hair. It\’s dead-assing my real hair,\” she stated in the video, while you can hear the shower rumbling. \”Yes! Let\’s take it off and wash it.\” Let\’s hope we look at those curls more frequently.

Nicole Richie

We\’re used to seeing Nicole wearing her hair straightened or in purple and it\’s a refreshing alternative to look at the natural curly locks she has.

Taraji P. Henson

Henson\’s shining and angled Empire hairstyle was a cult classic and when she showcases her stunning curls, it\’s hard to resist admiring her. There\’s also an entire line of hair products that she has created named THP by Taraji that you can buy from Target.

Lili Reinhart

The Riverdale actress posted her natural hairstyle on Instagram with the caption, \”Literally no curling iron employed. My naturally curly hair was refined to perfection via @BryceScarlett.\” We\’re sure Betty should give them an attempt next season. They\’re beautiful.

Kerry Washington

Washington has had her hair styled in all kinds of ways. The most common style is an edgy bob or shiny waves, however, sometimes she\’ll wear curly for an occasion. Here, she\’s casually glamorous on a Sunday as only Washington could.

Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek has been often seen experimenting with colourful wigs however, she\’s usually seen with her medium-length dark-brown hair straightened or blown out. However, she showcased her natural curls with a snap-on Instagram and people loved the curls. \”Crazy haircut day. A vices Mi Cabello see Vuelve loco\” she posted the caption that translates to \”sometimes my hair is insane… Please. It\’s gorgeous.

Sarah Hyland

You won\’t be able to tell it apart by her Modern Family star\’s red-carpet fashions, in which she often has her hair curled in blow-out waves, but when she\’s not on the job we frequently get to look at her amazing natural curls as seen here.

Joan Smalls

Photos of the natural Joan Small hairstyle are rare and infrequent and yet when she posted this photo with the caption \”#WBW Natural,\” the heart emojis came flooding into. If you\’re not a teen or a fashionable model, the hashtag is \”way back when.\” We did a search on it.


After years of curly and for a while, Lorde was settling for more slender waves and glossy blowouts (her preference, though we were disappointed that we saw little of her curly curls). Recently, she\’s brought her corkscrews back with a clearly defined shape and in a gorgeously frizzed-outlook.


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