How to Use a Boppy Pillow – A Detail Guide

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Boppy Nursing pillows are ideal to help babies feed. However, they consume a lot of space for an item that is believed to have only one function. Did you realize that the Boppy is a useful item for more than nursing?

We\’ve searched the web to find all the inventive ways to use your Boppy to the fullest extent.

Here\’s everything you should learn about using the Boppy pillow.

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How to Use a Boppy for Nursing Support

Find a comfortable spot with your back supported.

The Boppy onto your lap and wrap it around your waist

Place your baby sideways on the Boppy with their backs to your body.

The mouth of the baby should be level with the breast that you are planning to feed on. If not, hold the baby\’s head and torso with your arm and bring them up to your breast. Let your arms rest on the Boppy.

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Nurse your baby.

Don\’t lower your breasts or torso towards your baby. If your baby isn\’t sitting high enough, lift the baby by placing a pillow to provide support beneath the Boppy or lifting the baby with your arms.

You can also utilize the Boppy together with holding a football. In this type of hold, the baby is placed on the opposite sides of the frame (with their feet pointed towards your back).

How to Operate a Boppy for Tummy Time

Boppy Pillow provides a great alternative to traditional tummy-time. Although infants may not be able to stand up enough for them to be able to create the tummy time \”fun,\”. Propping them with their Boppy Pillow allows them to look at the world from a new perspective. While also building their back, neck, and arms muscles.

Let your baby enjoy this \”tummy time\” position until they start to show symptoms of tiredness. It could take anywhere between 5 and 20 minutes. Based on the baby\’s age and strength as well as their development.

How to Utilize a Boppy for Bottle Feeding

Utilizing the Boppy to bottle feed is almost similar to using the Boppy to breastfeed.

Safety First

The Boppy is not to serve to hold infants so that they can feed themselves. Babies who are unable to hold or sit in the bottle by themselves aren\’t capable of feeding themselves without assistance and may get choked.

How to Operate a Boppy Pillow as a Sitting Support

A Boppy Pillow is a fantastic tool for helping children to remain propped up in a sitting position. Until they are strong enough to sit up on their own.

Even after the muscles have developed and developed, the Boppy can be useful to put around them to act to provide a cushion in the case they become exhausted and fall.

Here\’s how you can use your Boppy to aid in sitting.

Set it on the Boppy Pillow on the floor (never placed on a couch or chair, or on any other elevated surface).

Place the baby in a seated position, in the middle in the \”C\” shape of the Boppy Pillow. Your baby\’s spine should lie in the direction of the pillow and their legs pointed towards the opening.

Safety First

A Boppy is not recommended to sleep your baby.

The soft C-shape pillow is perfect to place on the pregnant mom\’s belly to give her extra support for sleep as she lies on her back.

Many women experience painful hips or feel discomfort in their symphysis Pubis at the time of the pregnancy. The symphysis pubis or symphysis ligament connects the two parts of the pubic bone. That are opened during birth so that the baby can leave the uterus. As the pregnancy progresses the body produces the hormone relaxing that can create additional strain in these parts of the body and cause significant discomfort.

The Bottom Line

Boppy Pillow Boppy Pillow is a wonderful multi-functional tool. That will benefit you during your late pregnancy through the first year of your baby\’s life.

It is not just a way to alleviate the physical strain of nursing. But it could be utilized by mothers who bottle-feed as a tummy timer as well as a sitting positioner. And as a method of support during sleep for a recovering or pregnant mother.


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