Best Way to Clean Window Screens

Looks like a shining day, but why does my room look a bit dark? Well, it\’s because of the dust on the window that needs to be clean. 

Cleaning your window might seem hectic, but after this guide, it will be easy as never before. Laziness keeps on discovering new methods to relieve our limbs and save our time. 

In search of these methods, we found some amazing and effective ones to clean your window screens in almost no time. No matter if your window is removable or not there are methods for both scenarios.  

Knowing everything about \”How To Clean A Window Screens?\” will surely make it easy for you to do it future or when the guests are all set to arrive. 

In this complete guide we\’ll list everything that you should know about window screen cleaning and how to prepare a good window screen cleaner.

So, Let\’s Get Started with-


Best Way to Clean Window Screens

There are several methods we have to clean our window screen, but among these, few are most effective and easy to do.

After analyzing the number of reviews by the people, we listed the six most effective and common window screen cleaning methods. Lets get started!

1. Lint Roller

In case your window screen is loaded with a thin layer of dust or debris then this is the best method for a basic cleaning job. 

For doing this you just have to tackle the window screen with a lint roller either by moving out the screen from the panel or while placed. 

For effective cleaning, we recommend you to use a small size roller as it will move freely and get to all the corners.

To increase your reach, you can simply attach the lint roller to a paint roller stick. This will also help you clean your glass rooftop. 

But the problem is this method will help you clean your window screens from inside mainly in case the outdoor panel is not under your reach. 

As we know most of the dirt and dust stick on the exterior surface of the window screens. This method turns out to be best if cleaning both surfaces is possible. 

2. Magic Eraser-

This method works very effectively. It picks up almost all dirt and debris that a wet rag can\’t loosen. To clean your window screen, we recommend you moisten the eraser and gently rub it on the surface throughout. 

For an effective cleaning only use a new eraser each time, because an old eraser will easily loosen up and break into fragments sticking all over the surface. 

Will you like white debris on your screen? No, right. So, make sure you follow our above instructions. And if you like to go for a different method then here it is- 

3. Vacuum Cleaning- 

Well, this method is almost very common for any cleaning purpose. To clean your window screen using a vacuum cleaner you only have to attach the brush given along with the cleaning kit and move it all over the screen surface. 

As you know no matter which cleaning method you choose you should always start with the top and move your way down as it will remove any dust you dislodge.

Use your Vacuum Cleaner on both sides of the window screen if possible also you can vacuum out the window tracks and window sills.

4. Washing the Window Screens- 

If you have a question in your mind- \”How To Wash Window Screens?\” 

Then we answer this out. But washing is only possible if you have a removable window screen. As because to wash the screens completely you first have to take them out. 

It takes a bit more effort as a cleaning method, but on the other hand the most effective one too. In this, you scrub the windows with a cleanser that we will discuss later.

Be careful while doing this as you are taking out a complete glass panel and a little bit of distraction can result in very destructive. 

However, most of the window screen frames now come with small tabs that make it quite easy to pull them out from the windowsill.

Once you take down your window screens just bring them outside in free space and lay them on towels. 

Now, it\’s time to scrub the entire surface with any window screen cleaner. If you don\’t have any idea about these cleaning solutions, then no need to worry. We know which are those cleaning solutions and how to prepare them.


Best Way to Clean Window Screens
  • A water and ammonia mixture where there will be three parts of water and one part of ammonia. 

Note- Ammonia should be carefully deal with rubber gloves as it\’s highly reactive with the skin. 

  • A common cleaning soap solution with 1/4 cup dish soap (don\’t use bleach) to 1/2 gallon of water.  
  • A vinegar solution where you must use 1/4 cup of vinegar into a 1/2 gallon of water. 

So, ready to scrub?

PRO TIP: If your screen is thin enough and looks highly fragile then, Be gentle! 

When you are done with your scrubbing,get on to the next step:

  • go ahead with moving a sponge over the screens to collect any loose dirt or dust dislodged while scrubbing. 
  • Spray the liquid cleansing you as before and gently wipe both the surfaces again with a dry cloth or towel to remove excess moisture. 

Now, it\’s time to let the screen dry before putting it back to the spot, for this you can place it giving wall support by placing it under sunlight. 

5. Pressure Washing Screens

This method is suitable when you are unable to reach your window screens or some part of them. Using pressure can remove such stuck dirt that normal scrubbing can\’t do. 

Bur, before going with this method make sure you have adjusted the pressure washer to a low setting. In case there\’s no low setting in your pressure washer you can spray the screens with a hose to remove all unwanted.

6. Using Vinegar- 

Using vinegar, you can remove any rusty window screens that can be cleaned. Although you can say this process a bit different compared to others that we have listed above. 

Vinegar cleaning is effective in case your metal window screen gets rusty. 

To know how to clean window screens with vinegar is undoubtedly a good idea.  As because it doesn\’t require any other solution to use along and is something easily available in every house. 

To start the process take down the window screen panel and lay it flat on a tarp or cleaning towel, if possible. Then gently apply vinegar and wipe it down. Leave it for a couple of hours to soak.

If you feel this is gonna take more time then start rubbing the screen with a rag or sponge soaked in Vinegar after every few minutes.

After a few hours, you will notice that the vinegar has dissolved most of the rust from the screen panel. Now, use a brush (better if used metal brush) and gently rub the surface to bring off the rust without damaging the screen glass. 

Note- If the rust from the surface doesn’t come off after giving too much effort then prepare a thick paste of baking soda with water and use it while scrubbing. 

Baking soda acts like a gritty abrasive and can remove rust with ease.  

After cleaning there comes the need for proper maintenance. So, have a look on:


Best Way to Clean Window Screens


For a clear view and light, maintain window screens cleaning regularly. Not every time it needs a deep cleaning, doing light cleaning on a regular basis, to prevent dust and dirt from sticking to the glass surface. 

To perform light cleaning using the lint roller and vacuum will be a better choice. These methods require less effort and can be added to your regular cleaning routine. 

That\’s all about the most effective cleaning methods and maintenance, now have a look at some common- 


  1. How do you clean window screens without removing them? 

To clean your window screens without removing them you can go ahead with any of the below-listed cleaning techniques- 

  • Lint Roller
  • Magic Eraser
  • Vacuum 
  • Pressure Washing 
  1. How do you clean window screen with Magic Eraser?

Magic Eraser can be moistened and used to clean the window screen. For effective cleaning, you just have to gently rub it on the entire surface from top to bottom.  

Many things related to this, like complete cleaning procedure, which eraser to choose and which not, we have already discussed above in our best cleaning methods guide. 

  1. Can you Vacuum window screens? 

Yes, you can vacuum your window screens using a brush attachment on your Vacuum Cleaner. 

But you can use your Vacuum Cleaner for this purpose only when it has an adjustment setting to lower the suction pressure. 

High pressure can result in the wide movement of frangible thin glass panels and can result in breaking them down into pieces. 

We have already discussed this method with its pros and cons including the right way for best results above in our read. 

  1. Is Magic Eraser safe for glass?

Yes, it is safe to use a Magic Eraser to perform any cleaning need. Also, it\’s among the most effective methods to clean glass showers.

As you know Magic Eraser is a multipurpose cleaning tool and apart from glass, it\’s used for other surfaces like kitchen slab, marble, tiles and metal surfaces, etc. 

But the only thing which is advised not to clean with this Magic Eraser is any paint surfaces. This effective cleaning ability gives it a place in your cleaning utensils and solves many difficult cleaning situations. 

Thus, feel free to use Magic Eraser as it\’s proven safe for a wide range of surfaces and will not give any scratch to your glass window.    

Final Words

For an amazing view and a good breeze, cleaning your window screens at least once or twice a week is very important. And after this read, you are now familiar with some of the best window screens cleaning methods. 

Hope we didn\’t miss out on something uncovered. It\’s always important to perform any cleaning method by going through proper steps and keeping all keynotes in mind that we have listed along.


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