Best Paint Color For A Small Bathroom with No Windows

Let\’s uncover all about how to make your small bathroom an amazing destination to visit in your home, just with some awesome choices of paint color and different tactics.

Let\’s start from the beginning, here we are going to share all the details about how to make your small or windowless bathroom more amazing with the help of different paint colors, lightings, and different architectural arrangements to make it feel more spacious, bright, and elegant without doing something very extraordinary.

Here is a good read for you to get all the answers to your below questions and let us assure you that you are at the right place and at the right time.

So, stay with us and follow our lead to explore the entire article to get the best ideas around and at the end of this article we are sure that you will have all your answers – that’s Our Guarantee.

Without any further ado, let’s jump on what are you looking for right now:

best paint color for a small bathroom with no windows

Q1. What are the best paint colors for small bathrooms with no natural light?

Q2. What is the best lighting for a bathroom with no windows?

Q3. How about making it a seafoam green bathroom?

Q4. How can I brighten a small bathroom without a window?

Q5. What color paint makes a small bathroom look bigger?

If you are willing to get the answer to all the above questions, say a big YES and carry on. 

You would love to engage in this transformational activity of turning your bathroom into the most beautiful place to visit in the whole day in the most graceful way ever possible.


Isn’t it a multi-million-dollar question \”What are the best paint colors for small bathrooms with no natural light?” and to answer this question with only one color will not be justifiable at all as the options are just too many?

 So before we start, just follow some ground rules:


1. Do not go for a dark color to paint your small and/or windowless bathroom, else it will look smaller than what it is originally. Having said that, this rule indirectly suggests we should focus on brightening the bathroom.

2. Consider a moisture-resistant paint option, as bathrooms get moisture a lot due to the use of water.

3. Always plan to have enough storage, towel bars, and hooks, else later you will feel a bit troubled.

4. Keep an eye on the future, while designing the bathroom shades and articles.


Wondering, “How can I brighten a small bathroom without a window?”

 We have got your back!


1. Invest in some good set of lightings.

2. Choose a bright paint color for your bathroom.

3. Transparent fittings can just do wonders, try that.

4. If possible, use foldable furniture wherever you can.

5. Have you ever considered using the mirrors.


best paint color for a small bathroom with no windows

First, paint the whole bathroom with the same tone of color.Now, use big (and/or designer) mirrors wherever possible as it reflects a lot of light and will make your bathroom shine with little lighting arrangements too. We are sure that you are going to feel it more extravagantly beautiful. 

To add more space (not really, but feel-wise), get the ceilings of your small bathroom painted in clean white with a hint of blue as it will look higher and more open.

Until now, it was all about looking brighter, now, let\’s explore more on “What color paint makes a small bathroom look bigger?”


Let us discuss the best colors for your windowless small bathroom:

You can choose some light colors like –

· baby Pink,

· Blue, or

· soft shade of Green.

These colors reflect light and help in making your bathroom feel airier and bigger.

Furthermore, To create a mesmerizing and relaxing atmosphere, you can choose Seafoam green bathroom color, mixing it with pale tiles, and place framed pictures in there will add an amazing minimalistic look to follow.

Just to give you a glimpse of what a bathroom color can do to you and your thoughts:

Do you know?

One of the richest people in Japan has his toilet made-up of solid gold with the whole bathroom interiors, isn\’t that amazing?

The estimated cost of the whole setup is worth in multi-millions, and believe it or not, the whole bathroom does not only feel rich but it also helps in ideating ultra-rich things as it is evident that it is used by a billionaire.

So, choose your bathroom color wisely as it will change your future years if not decades.

Let us explore the top 10 color combinations here and why you should consider them at all:

  1. Blue-Gray Paint Color: The best of the best color combinations for your small bathroom can be a mix of this combo and wooden framing. Combining all tones and textures appropriately will bring warmth, authenticity, and cool texture to your bathroom. Try it if you are a real fan of the Blue-Gray combo.
  1. Taupe Warm Paint Color: It is something on the neutral front and will offer endless possibilities. You can mix and match Taupe wall paint with soft greens, pinks, and blues. This can be your full stop if your bathroom is having no natural light available. This combo of the paints can make any place stylish and placid.
  1. Clean White Paint Color: When there is no natural light in your bathroom, it will be best to go with Clean White, as it makes more room in a small room… you understand right, what we mean by that?

The white is elegant and timeless. Mix and match with your favorite canvases, tones, shapes, and elements to make it outstanding.

  1.   Navy Blue Paint Color: As you must be knowing, Blue is a color of calmness and relaxation… as it is reminiscent of the sky and the seven seas. Its classy and rich tone gives it a rich texture. Just go with it if you like classy things around you.
  1. Ash Gray Paint Color: if you like everything in black and white, try this ash Gray with some hint of charcoal elements… The combo will make a mesmerizing paradise of monochrome. For adding more sophistication to it, you can use some greenery or artwork.
  1. Pale Yellow Paint Color: This is a very welcoming color and makes the room brighter. Plus you can play with plenty of lighting combos here.
  1.    Booth Bay Paint Color: This color is a neutral color and an extension of timeless clean white which encourages anyone to be in NOW. Mix various amazing elements and witness the magic.
  1.   Teal Raindrop Paint Color: To make a statement, you can choose to go with this Teal Raindrop color. We are sure that the results will be stunning.
  1. Cream Paint Color: For small bathrooms without windows, cream paint color is something which is one of the best colors as it reflects the light and creates an illusion of having a bigger bathroom. Go with it if you like smooth things…
  1. Black and White contrast Paint Color: The contrast between black and white can give an amazing feel to your bathroom. Try black walls with amazing lights and white washbasins, toilets… you will be amazed at the results when you see that even a black and white combo can do wonders.

All and any of these color combos can do wonders in your small bathroom, but the choice is always according to your flavor and what you want to do with it. 

As there is no right or wrong answer to the best color to paint in your bathroom, but we are sure that by now you have a fair idea about what you will do with your bathroom… right?

best paint color for a small bathroom with no windows


The best lightings for the bathroom with no window should reflect at least 2,000 lumens. And to get to that level, you can use an overhead lighting fixture of 2-3 bulbs.

But if you are using a 9w+ LED White or Warm White light bulb, it will do all the magic needed in the smaller space like your bathroom in the lack of natural light.

So now you know what to do with the light arrangements and with the paint of your choice… right?


As you must have read by now that choice of color is always up to your taste of how you would like to feel inside your bathroom. It is evident that the color of your bathroom directly impacts your mood and thought process. 

So choose something light and mild, so it will help to create better thoughts and set the right mood. Are you with us?

Stay tuned with us for more such amazing articles and stay safe in such a grave worldwide pandemic situation. If you stay put at your homes now, you will not only save yourself but your near and dear ones too.

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